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Recommended banks

We will advise you on the bank that interests you.

Each bank has its own characteristics. We will help you to understand what is best for you.


OCBC Wing Hang China

China €5500

Corporate account!

Raiffeisen bank in Serbia

Serbia €6900

Corporate account!

Novo Banco

Portugal €3900

Corporate account!


We will provide full support in the process of obtaining licenses

Let's tell you which license you need, taking into account all the wishes. We will help you to invest in the budget and terms. Step by step we will explain how and what to do. Do not forget: the process of obtaining a license takes up to 3 months (and sometimes longer), so our well-coordinated work is the shortest way to your success!

Processing and Merchant

A wide range of options and solutions

We offer effective solutions for business. A wide range of opportunities to open merchant accounts in reliable European, Asian and island banks with minimal commissions. Please, contact us and we will find the right one for you!

Processing (merchant, acquiring) connection to your web-site

Are you interested in quick business decision? Do you have troubles with merchant-account?

We can solve your problems.

  • Easy and quick connection
  • Worldwide network
  • Triple protection
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Advanced Tools
for business

We offer advanced services

We are convinced: the best reward for the work is not the profit, but the satisfied customer. We rely on reputation and strive to ensure that every customer recommends us to friends and family. In the course of implementing any - even the most complex - project, we are guided exclusively by the experience gained previously. Our credo is practice, not theory. In a dynamically changing market environment, we look for and always find topical solutions - we do not stop if the standard does not work. Did not find the information you need? Contact our specialists for online support.

  • We develop unique and creative problem solving and task achieving with unrivaled scope and scale
  • The degree of trust in complex issues is the determining factor
  • Fully justified costs

Selection of suitable jurisdiction

Countries and their features


Registration for your system


Big business
  • Victoria

    "Nowhere could open an account for the company. We received about ten refusals from European and Asian banks. When they applied to IQ Decision, we were surprised by the efficiency and competence work of their lawyers. They were offered an interesting solution and finally opened a business account. The IQ Decision company were made all needed translation of documents. Getting a new business account took only a few days. Thank you for the fruitful cooperation."

  • Inessa

    "The activities of our company are of such a nature that the banks all the time have claims about licensing. Although, I will clarify, in our case the law is allowed to work without a license. Tired of the endless failures and constant complaints of banks - decided to turn to specialists. IQ Decision lawyers were opened an business account in the European and Asian states, which was simply necessary and important for our business. We express our gratitude for the cooperation of given services."

  • Alexander

    "I could not open an account in any bank where I applied to withdraw money from Latvia. I applied to IQ Decision Company and received advice and assistance in this matter. The account was opened - the money was withdrawn. I'm pleased with everyone. Recommend their quick services to everyone! "

  • Ivan

    "I was looking for an opportunity to legally issue a crypto-exchanger. One law firm offered to help, but as a result - so nothing was done, just wasting time and promising. Then I was found IQ Decision Company. All in all, my own crypto-exchanger was registered at a bargain price and quickly."

  • Vladimir

    "I have experience in working with another company, but I have faced the fraud. The pre-payment was taken, but the account was not opened. I went to them three months in a row, but each time something new was required. Business partners advised to contact the IQ Decision company. Thank you for solving my problem quickly and clearly. I look forward to further cooperation."

  • Michael

    "Due to my employment - I appreciate the time. Specialists of the company clearly explained what happens in the Baltics and advised concrete actions. At first, they consulted by phone, and after they appointed a personal meeting during which - decisions were made. Quickly and legally accounts were opened. I was very pleased. I recommend their company services. "

  • Marina

    "I have a delicate problem - it was important to solve a question with registration of business abroad and the taxation in the native country. We consulted, helped, and provided support. I did not expect that everything would be solved so quickly. Now I periodically ask for advice. Reliable, proven company."

  • Ksenia

    "I wanted to register a company abroad, but I did not know where to start. As a beginner start-up – I were made a lot of mistakes. It's good that I found this law company through the Internet. Thanks IQ Decision Company that they consulted and helped me. In addition, prompted where and how best to open an account for my company and what nuances can be. In the future, I will also use their services."

  • Olga

    "I have been doing business in Ukraine for a long time. Recently received an offer from abroad about cooperation. To do this, it was necessary to register a company overseas and open an business account. Due to inexperience, I was first led by the suggestion of a "lawyer" to register a company in the Marshall Islands, but a good acquaintance advised me to consult to IQ Decision specialists about alternative options. It turned out that in 2018 the company in the Marshall Islands is almost impossible to open an account - banks perceive companies from this state - as an offshore company. So, I almost bought myself a problem. Thanks to IQ Decision Company, I have done business in Europe (account and company) and plan to expand my business further. Thanks a lot! "

  • Mark

    "I have been trading in forex for a long time. Recently decided to issue brokerage and to open an account in order to be able to increase revenue. I did not think that I would encounter such a number of difficulties: it's hard to get a license, but to draw up an account on forex was not realistic at all. Fortunately, I came to IQ Decision Company an offered to solve my problem. There were a free of charge consultation by phone. After I made the final decision - they helped me open an account. And offered several options with different advantages - I chose the best for myself. Thank you."