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Banco BNI Europa

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Portugal is a state in the western part of Europa, attracting many businessmen, expanding their business and wanting to have corporate accounts in prestigious jurisdictions. Opening an account with a Portuguese bank becomes possible for foreign companies, and even more, it can be done without a personal visit to Portugal. One such decision is to open an account with Banco BNI Europa.

As you know, a successful restructuring of the banking and other sectors of the economy in Portugal was carried out, which caused the attention of many investors to expand their business and to open a corporate account in Portugal. Banco BNI Europa is a bank, offering innovative products to customer needs. This bank is known for the following features:

  • In 2016, it was recognized as the most innovative bank in Portugal;
  • A main direction is electronic international banking;
  • The main goals of the bank are to maintain maximum transparency and honesty;
  • If necessary, to open both EUR and USD accounts.

By providing services for both individuals and legal entities, the bank makes it possible to open an account for a company in Portugal with the provision of not only standard banking services, but also favorable tariff conditions. Founded in 2014 and having serviced more than one billion EUR in deposits, the bank provides its customers with the following corporate service rates.

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SEPA transfers, indicating BIC and IBAN:

  • Outbox:
  1. Up to 15 thousand EUR is a free of charge;
  2. From 15 to 100 thousand EUR – 3,25 EUR;
  3. From 100 thousand EUR – 14,5 EUR;
  4. Urgent transfers – 24 EUR;
  • Inbox:
  1. With the indication of BIC and IBAN – 0 EUR;
  2. Without indicating BIC and IBAN – 10 EUR;
Other translations (not SEPA, through the operator):
  • Outbox:
  1. With the indication of BIC and IBAN – 0,25%;
  2. Urgent transfer indicating BIC and IBAN – 0,25% + 25 EUR;
  • Inbox:
  1. With an indication of IBAN – 5 EUR;
  2. Without specifying BIC and IBAN – 15 EUR.

In order to open an account with Banco BNI Europa, a minimum deposit of at least 1 thousand USD or EUR must be credited to the account, depending on the currency of opening the account, after which it will be possible to use the available Internet banking or service through the operator.

If you decide to open an account with BNI Europa, contact IQ Decision specialists.

Banco BNI Europa account for EU Residents


Banco BNI Europa account for non-EU residents


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