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BPI is the fourth largest bank in Portugal. It has been providing financial services since 1999 and has about 100 branches throughout the country. Opening an account with Banco BPI in Portugal is both simple and difficult.

This is a commercial bank, that serves both individuals and legal entities, and occupies a high place in the world rating of reliability of banking structures. Our lawyers will help you to open a bank account with BPI remotely.

What documents are needed to open an account with BPI bank:
  1. A beneficiary’s passport (a color copy);
  2. A passport of the account manager (a color copy);
  3. A Charter;
  4. Lists of directors, shareholders, investors;
  5. A detailed description of the company;
  6. A list of business partners;
  7. A confirmation of residence.
  8. TIN: a bank may require a «NIF number» (issued by the local tax office, we provide this service);
  9. A statement.

The bank may request certain documents individually, that is why we advise to entrust the collection of necessary documentation to professionals. We will translate and certify the set of necessary documentation, so that you can open a bank account with BPI remotely.

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Banco BPI is a well-established financial institution, that provides the following services:
  • opening of foreign currency accounts;
  • opening of accounts with basic services;
  • opening of settlement accounts with quick access to capital;
  • over twenty options of investment funds;
  • a bank card service.

It will take up to 15 days for a non-resident to open an account with Banco BPI (without delivery of documents).

Businessmen, who wish to open a corporate account in Portuguese Banco BPI, should be aware, that a bank does not require a down payment. In addition, there are no requirements for a minimum account balance.

If you decide to open an account with Banco BPI for a non-local company, you can independently change the limit of payments per day. There are no restrictions on the number of transactions (per month/per year). A transaction speed no more than two days. Urgent transfers are possible.

Internet banking will be available to you, which will make it possible to manage accounts remotely, if you decide to open an account in Portugal. Services are available in English and Portuguese.

In addition, if you decide to open an account for a company in Portugal, then you will be able to purchase real estate in this state.

Today, a bank account with a well-established financial system is an important element for both private and corporate clients. We will assist in opening a corporate account in Portugal, as well as any other jurisdictions around the world.

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