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Ordering of legal support services in bank account opening

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Banks of Liechtenstein guarantees a wide range of financial instruments and individually approaches the solutions to each client’s issues. Opening an account with Bank Alpinum is beneficial.

You can open an account with Alpinum Bank remotely. You need to know, that a minimum deposit of 5000 EUR is set. It must be entered before a bank decides to open a new account.

Bank Alpinum is professional and reliable, comparable to Swiss banks. A difference is that Bank Alpinum offers cheaper services.

The uninterrupted access to a bank account provides high-quality Internet banking, where you can send funds, receive statements in electronic format, buy investment products and much more. At the same time, a system is reliably protected and is always under full control.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the presence of private bankers at Bank Alpinum. Each client, registered with the bank, always receives professional advice. When you have a desire to get such a benefit as the bank’s customers get, take the opportunity to open an account with Bank Alpinum.

After opening an account with Bank Alpinum, a client acquires a debit card, which makes it possible to have access to funds, where it is no way to use Internet banking. A debit card brings such benefits as free travel insurance, discounts for hotel reservations and more.

You can open an account with Alpinum Bank after completing documents, such as a description of the company’s activities, letters of recommendation, etc., and a mandatory translation of all documents into English with notarization. A bank service is international, including in Russian.

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Documents for opening an account in Liechtenstein:
  • An application for opening an account;
  • A passport of the future account holder;
  • A document to confirm the residence of the account holder and trustees;
  • A description of the company;
  • Copies of charters, including Certificate of Good Standing;
  • Reference letters from partners, banks, etc.
Tariffs, set by the bank for debit card holders:
  • A free shopping insurance for cases such as fraud, theft and more;
  • A free balance and post transaction requests;
  • An annual account maintenance is 200 EUR/per year for Premier and 100 EUR/per year for Classic;
  • A worldwide cash withdrawal fee is 3,5%;
  • A currency conversion commission on purchases is 1%.
Tariffs for current account:
  • An annual account maintenance is 1419 EUR;
  • Incoming transactions are 0,1%, no minimum;
  • Outgoing transactions are 0,1%, minimum 118 EUR.
Tariffs for opening a merchant account with Alpinum Bank:
  • An annual account maintenance is 1419 EUR;
  • Incoming transactions are 0,075%, no minimum;
  • Outgoing transactions are 0,075%, minimum 118 EUR.

To open an account with Bank Alpinum, use any feedback form! Also, if you have any questions, please refer to IQD Consulting specialists and request for legal individual advice on opening an Alpinum Bank account.

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