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BOS Bank

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The name of the bank BOS stands for a “Bank Ochrony Środowiska”, which means a “Bank of the Environmental Protection”. It was founded in 1997. Opening an account with BOS is tantamount to receiving a reliability - all money is protected under the wing of the Bank Guarantee Fund. BOS Bank customers benefit from soft loans, that support the development of their business.

If you want to open an account in Poland, one of the options is to open an account with BOS bank.

Bank Ochrony Środowiska or a Bank for the Environmental Protection is a specific Joint Stock Company. It specializes in the environmental protection, it is guided by the good of its customers and the environment. The canon of corporate values ​​of BOS Bank is based on the word “Care”, which embodies the most important messages and recommendations: a durability, a reliability, an environmental protection, a social responsibility, a customer and the activity.

Documents, required to open an account in BOS:
  • a notarized copy of the passport;
  • a bank statement or a notarized copy of a foreign passport;
  • a beneficiary tax number;
  • sewing documents for a company under an apostille;
  • a company tax number (not VAT).

All documents must be translated into Polish and notarized in Poland. Opening an account with BOS Bank is possible in two ways:

  • With a personal presence. To do this, you need to rent a house, to prepare a ticket, etc.
  • Without a personal presence. The trustee is involved in the process of opening an account.
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Tariffs, set by BOS Bank:
  • The cost of banking services is 99 PLN/month.
  • A regular SWIFT transfer is 0,25% of the transfer amount, a commission: minimum 40 PLN and maximum 250 PLN.
  • An urgent SWIFT transfer is 0,25% of the transfer amount, a commission: at least 90 PLN and at most 300 PLN.
  • An express SWIFT transfer for amounts from 50 000 USD/EUR is 0,25% of the transfer amount, commission: at least 190 PLN and at most 400 PLN.
  • A SEPA translation (is available only in EUR in EU countries) is 15 PLN/translation.
  • A Target quick transfer in EUR is 0,30% of the transfer amount, a commission: at least 50 PLN and at most 300 PLN.
  • A recommended minimum balance is 300 EUR.
A cost and terms

The term for opening an account in BOS

5-7 working days with a full package of documents

Opening with presence\remotely


A jurisdiction

Any jurisdiction

Limits on balances


Transfer limits


Transfer limits


Original documents

Submit before acceptance

Request for transaction documents


A Certificate of Incumbency/CGS - under the apostille

CGS/extract from the registry - on the companion-manager 6 months

Documents for the corporate director/founder

Not required

Documents for individuals

Sometimes they ask for a passport and a proof of address (in the scan)

BOS Bank Exclusive


  • Registering a ranch with an open account
  • With a personal visit

BOS Bank Standard


  • Local companies
  • With a personal visit

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