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Credit Suisse

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Credit Suisse is a large and reputable bank in Switzerland with over 150 years of experience in investing and managing funds. A bank is also called an investment bank, and this is not an exaggeration, since Credit Suisse Group AG has an extensive experience, participating in the process of industrialization of Switzerland.

If you are interested in opening an account in Switzerland, pay attention that, since 2006, Credit Suisse Group became a fully universal international institution, that is focused on serving its customers in three main areas:

  • an investment banking;
  • a private banking;
  • the asset management.

One of the advantages of this bank is a risk management. Successfully managing a capital of its clients around the world, Credit Suisse is considered as a best bank in terms of private wealth management.

Credit Suisse Bank operates in all major countries and rightfully deserves a title of stable and extremely reliable. According to the assessment of IQ Decision lawyers, opening an account with Credit Suisse Bank means getting a maximum list of banking services, that can satisfy the interests of private wealthy clients and large companies. A client can open an account in Switzerland, namely, open a corporate account with Credit Suisse Bank, although it will take €1,500 to support opening an account.

A process of opening an account with Credit Suisse Bank in Switzerland is simplified by the fact, that a bank staff speaks Swiss, English, Russian and another 15 languages.

If you decide to open an account with a bank in Switzerland, and at the same time have a solid turnover, you will not be surprised, that a minimum balance of your account will start from the amount of $1 000 000, and if you want to use the VIP service, an unremovable amount in your account should be five times larger. Monthly account maintenance is €200.

Read also:
  • A minimum account balance is €1 000 000;
  • A minimum investment capital is €500 000.

In fact, opening an account with Credit Suisse Bank Zurich for non-residents is prestigious, and therefore difficult. Only after a thorough check and a positive decision will you be able to open an account with a Swiss bank, although a package of all documents must be prepared quite standard.

IQ Decision specialists remind, that you can open an account with Credit Suisse remotely, but a bank manager can express a desire to meet with you, as a bank is guided by the “known personally” principle.

This bank uses the most modern means of communication, you can easily manage your account through mobile or electronic communications.

For corporate customers, a bank is ready to make a number of unique offers. This applies to more attractive salary percentages and to each of your savings accounts. Credit Suisse is focused on the needs of the most sophisticated customers, a professionalism and competence of the staff is at a high level.

Approximately 2 weeks will be able to open a personal account with Credit Suisse Bank, and opening a corporate account with Suisse Bank takes more than 3 weeks.

Qualified lawyers of IQ Decision will explain to you all the details on how to open an account in Switzerland, and will offer you options for ready-made solutions.

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  • A remote registration

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