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Panama is a famous international banking center of Latin America. The country's economy is growing rapidly, and the Government of Panama creates comfortable conditions for doing business. That is exactly what attracts foreign investors who are seeking to register a company in Panama and open an account in a Panamanian bank.

One of the most popular banking structures of the state is International United Bank. It was found in 1981 and has representative offices throughout the state and outside. If you decide to open a corporate account in International United Bank (Panama), then our lawyers will advise you on this matter in detail.

Advantages of IUBank:
  • If you have previously decided to open an offshore for optimizing your business, and now faced with reluctance of banks to cooperate with, then we will solve this problem and help you to open an account for an offshore company in International United Bank (Panama).
  • Another plus for customers will be the absence of requirements regarding a personal visit. You can open an account for a company in a Panamanian bank remotely.
Preparation of documents

To open an account for a company in IUBank (Panama) you will need to prepare a standard package of documents for the company and your passport. You should know that the bank can request additional documents individually. In this case, the process of an account opening will take a little longer. On average, you can open an account in International United Bank (Panama) in 2 weeks.

Internet Banking

Like all modern banking organizations, IUBank offers its users a secure online banking.

If you want to open an account in IUBank (Panama), you can make any transactions remotely and 24 hours a day.

Tariffs of the bank
  • The account opening fee and a minimum balance: $ 10,000.00 (bank tariff);
  • If the balance is below the the required minimum: $ 100.00 (monthly fee).

Money transfers:

  • Up to $ 49,999.99: $ 55.00;
  • From $ 50,000.00 to $ 99,999.99: $ 65.00;
  • From $ 100,000.00 to $ 249,999.99: $ 85.00;
  • From $ 250,000.00 and above: a maximum of 0.063% ($ 500.00).

Bank tariffs are subject to change. Please, specify it with our employees.

How to open an offshore account in International United Bank (Panama)?

Quite simply: refer to our specialists at the contacts listed on the site. We can help you to open an account for a company in Panama as soon as possible. International United Bank is an excellent choice for those customers who want to receive an active foreign account for the company promptly and efficiently.

If you would like to open a corporate account in IUBank (Panama), please find out more by contacting IQ Decision lawyers.

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