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Maybank Singapore

Ordering of legal support services in bank account opening

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Many businessmen are seeking to open a corporate account in Singapore. This jurisdiction appears to be an interesting and promising option. The Singapore Government is doing its utmost to attract foreign investors.

Banks of Singapore are cooperating with non-residents, opening accounts on Singaporean companies and providing a wide range of high-level services.

Among commercial banks, we recommend you to focus on the representative office of a large Malaysian bank and open an account on the company in Maybank Singapore.

About the bank

This is a licensed bank that has been operating in Singapore since 1960 and offers a full range of financial solutions for individuals, enterprises and corporations.

By December 2017, Maybank's total assets in Singapore amounted to $ 65.8 billion.

Through strategic location of branches and 1800 employees in Singapore, the bank is able to provide highly personalized services and locally oriented solutions.

How to open an account in Maybank Singapore

First of all, please contact our experts. We assist our clients in company registration and help to open an account in Singapore or any other jurisdiction, based on their priorities and type of activity.

We will present you a step-by-step solution of this question. Please, consider the following nuances:

  • You can open an account in a Singaporean bank only after registering a company in Singapore.
  • The beneficiary should undertake the personal visit to the country for signing the documents;
  • You will need a large package of registration documents.
Internet Banking

Like many other leading banks in the world, this banking structure offers its customers the ability to manage an account remotely. After we help you to open an account in Maybank Singapore, you can perform all the necessary operations remotely.

Thus, you get round-the-clock access to your assets and can control all outgoing and incoming payments.

Tariffs of the bank

In this bank you can open a multicurrency account: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, NZD, HKD.

You can also make money transfers:

  • In USD: for the first 50,000 USD – 0.125% (min 10 USD, not more than 50 USD). Over 50,000 USD – 0.0625% (min. 20 USD, not more than 200 USD);
  • In EUR: for the first 25,000 EUR – 0.125% (min. 5 EUR, max. 25 EUR); Over 25,000 EUR – 0.0625%, (min. 15 EUR, max. 100 EUR).

Initial deposit: $ 1,000 (in relevant currencies, excluding 10,000 HKD).

Minimum balance: $ 1,000 (in relevant currencies, excluding 10,000 HKD).

How to open an account in Singapore

It is quite simple to open an account in a bank of Singapore relying on the assistance of experienced experts.

We propose you to open an account in Maybank Singapore, one of the most reliable and promising banks. You can learn about this in more detail by referring to our lawyers. Contact us at the telephone numbers mentioned on the site.

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