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Raiffeisen bank in Serbia

Ordering of legal support services in bank account opening

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Raiffeisen bank was established in 2001 in Belgrade (Serbia). It is a leading state bank, that is founded with 100% foreign capital.

Its banking structure offers foreign customers, who wish to issue an account with Raiffeisen bank, a large list of services, that comply with Western standards of service. Among the main, important and developed segments of banking:

  • a corporate;
  • the retail;
  • a treasury;
  • the investment banking.
Why is it worth opening an account with a Serbian bank?

Serbia is a promising country in southeastern Europe. It is not included in the “blacklists” and has a positive trend in the economy. It is planned, that the state will become a member of the European Union by 2025.

For which companies can I issue an account with Raiffeisen bank:
  • open an account for offshore in Serbia;
  • register an account for an Irish partnership in Serbia, as well as an account for a Scottish/Canadian partnership in Serbia;
  • open an account with LTD in Serbia;
  • set up a bank account in Serbia remotely.

The main advantage today is that Serbia has not signed an agreement on the automatic exchange of tax information. This means, that information about accounts and their owners will not be sent to the tax authorities of other states.

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How to register an account for business firms in Raiffeisen bank?

To open an account with Raiffeisen bank, contact our lawyers. We will tell you about the nuances, give answers to your questions regarding opening an account. The support service in opening a Serbian account includes support in the preparation of documents, advice on the requirements of the bank.

List of required documents:
  • a copy of the passport;
  • the proof of the existence of the company, issued by the commercial register in the country of registration of the company, if the company belongs to another company or companies, they need the same document (these certificates must be new, not older than 3 months);
  • cards with samples of signatures and seals;
  • a statement of a company representative;
  • the agreement with the bank;
  • a power of attorney signed by the client;
  • the application for participation.

The package of documents must be notarized and translated into Serbian. The bank may require additional documentation.

The term for opening an account with a Serbian bank is from 4 weeks.

Raiffeisen bank provides services in English and Serbian.

Bank rates for those, who wish to open an account in Serbia:
  • Opening an account: 500 Euro (a bank rate).
  • An account Management: 0 Euro.
  • A minimum account balance: 500 Euro.
  • A transaction fee: 0,25% not less than 8,5 Euro (10 USD), not more than 339 Euro (405 USD).

Is it possible to open a merchant account in a Serbian bank. To open merchant accounts in Raiffeisen bank, you need a Serbian Tax ID. You can open a merchant account only in dinars.

The internet banking

Those, who decide to issue an account with Raiffeisen bank, have the opportunity to manage their funds remotely, using the secure online banking. This service is provided in English.

How to get a corporate account in Serbia?

Contact the staff of our company in any way convenient for you from the above. We will help you to open an account for a Scottish partnership with Raiffeisen bank, to issue an account for an offshore company or open an account with LTD with Raiffeisen bank remotely. In addition, we cooperate with other banks in Serbia and provide a support.

  • The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication.

  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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