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Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)

Ordering of legal support services in bank account opening

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Hong Kong is a unique “gateway” to Asian markets. Often, businessmen, who are engaged in international activities and want to find new partners/customers in China, use this jurisdiction to set up a business: they seek to register a Hong Kong company or open an account with a bank in Hong Kong. A good option for entrepreneurs will be to open a bank account with Standard Chartered Bank.

Standard Chartered Bank was established in 1859. It works under the name Standard Chartered Bank (HK) Limited. It is one of the three banking institutions, that are authorized to issue banknotes. A bank has representative offices in more than 50 countries. Our lawyers will help you to open a corporate account with Standard Chartered Bank (HK), and will talk about the features of entrepreneurship in this country.

What documents are needed to open an account with a Hong Kong bank?

It should be borne in mind, that banks of this jurisdiction are distinguished by their rigor in checking customers. It is known that, before opening an account for a company in Hong Kong, institutions seek to learn more about their customers and look for all available information about them, including social media accounts. Therefore, the procedure for preparing documents must be approached with all seriousness, and our staff will also help you with this.

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Preliminary list of documents for opening an account with Standard Chartered Bank:
  • Company registration documents;
  • An annual report;
  • A Charter (a copy);
  • A Certificate of Good Standing, if the company exists for more than 12 months;
  • Documents of the beneficiary, director, shareholder, which confirm the identity and a place of residence;
  • Bank statements;
  • Banking institution recommendations;
  • A description of the business structure;
  • A description of a company, partners and customers;
  • The main sources of income;
  • It is necessary to prove a connection with the Asian region;
  • A stamp of the company.

If you decide to open an account with a Hong Kong bank remotely, you should know, that this cannot be done at the moment. The beneficiary needs to visit the state in person in order to meet with bank employees. Documents for opening an account with Standard Chartered Bank must be submitted in English or Chinese, and notarized.

Bank tariffs

If you want to open an account for a company with Standard Chartered Bank (HK), you need to deposit 1000 € to your account (in accordance with the bank tariffs). A balance should always have a minimum amount of 10,000 €. The account must be active. In case of account inactivity, a bank reserves the right to close an account.

  • An outgoing transfer of funds is 22 €.
  • An incoming transfer of funds is 6 €.
  • Terms for opening an account with Standard Chartered Bank: from 3 weeks.
Internet banking

For those, who decide to open an account in Hong Kong, secure, reliable and stable online banking will be available. You can conduct any operations on accounts far beyond the borders of this state. Using the client-bank program, businessmen get the opportunity to cooperate with partners from any jurisdiction.

How to open a bank account in Hong Kong?

In order to open an account with Standard Chartered Bank (HK), please contact our lawyers. We will provide you with professional services and accompany you at every stage of account opening. Remember, that opening an account in Hong Kong remotely is not possible today. Employees of our company know more details regarding doing business in Asia.

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