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Česká Spořitelna – is it possible to open an account without a personal visit?

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Given the fact, that the Czech Republic is one of the most popular European jurisdictions for registering a business, opening an account for a Czech company is a current solution for entrepreneurs.

This article will be useful to those, who plan to open an account with Česká Spořitelna – the largest banking institution in the country.

A brief information about the bank

Česká Spořitelna has been operating for 195 years. For those, who plan to open a corporate account in the Czech Republic, the bank is ready to offer a wide range of products and services, including:

  • A convenient online banking;
  • Opening of multi currency accounts;
  • Time deposits;
  • A currency exchange;
  • Investment advice;
  • Insurance services and more.

To find out the details, we recommend you asking for personal advice on opening an account with a Czech bank.

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How to open an account for a company with Česká Spořílna?

We draw your attention to the fact, that opening an account with Česká Spořitelna remotely is currently not possible. A bank opens accounts for resident companies with local representatives in the structure.

Where to open an account with a Czech company remotely?

We suggest you consider the following options for opening an account without a personal presence in other prestigious jurisdictions.

More information about other relevant solutions you can get by ordering individual advice on opening an account for a Czech company remotely from IQ Decision lawyers.

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