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How can a non-resident open an account with a European bank remotely in 2020?

The current political and economic situation, the depreciation of the national currency and other factors make us think about moving a capital to a more reliable place.

Often the choice falls on European banks. It is not surprising, because the banking system of Europe is famous for its reliability, good organization and high quality of service.

We offer the opening of a corporate and personal bank account for non-residents in the best European banks.

Opening an account with a European bank without a personal presence is a good solution for those, who value their time and money.

How to open an account with a European bank remotely?

There are two ways to open an account with a European bank to a non-resident:

  1. The first method involves opening an account through the local branch of the bank (if any) without having to travel abroad. For this, the beneficiary needs to visit the bank branch in his country/city and provide specialists with necessary documents in the electronic form. After that, you will be invited to an “interview” in one of the bank’s representative offices. Note, that in this case we are talking mainly about Cypriot and Latvian banks, which after the American audit are no longer loyal. Moreover, the cost of legal assistance in opening an account in these institutions is one of the lowest in comparison with other jurisdictions.
  2. The second option involves opening an account with a European bank remotely without a personal meeting with a representative of a financial institution. Let's be honest: every year the implementation of such a scheme is becoming increasingly difficult. Opening a bank account for a company without a personal presence today is more a prerogative of offshore jurisdictions, than prestigious European banks. However, nothing is impossible. If you want to open a bank account in Europe remotely, you must provide documents, certified by a notary (in case of opening a personal account) or Apostille (in case of opening a corporate account), and translated into the language, designated by the bank. In addition, in some cases, you will need to go through a Skype interview with a bank representative.

We are engaged in opening both corporate and personal accounts in European banks.

Remote opening of a personal account in the European Bank. Benefits:
  • purchase a real estate in the EU and make other expensive purchases;
  • use deposit and credit accounts;
  • pay a rental housing and utilities;
  • to transfer and receive money from account holders in other jurisdictions.
Remote opening of a corporate account at the European Bank. Benefits:
  • a remote bank account management, using the internet banking;
  • the ability to conduct a local or international business in Europe.

It should be noted, that today opening a corporate account in Europe without a personal presence is a rather complicated and lengthy procedure. Moreover, it is important, that the company has a simple structure - without nominee legal entities in the positions of a director, a secretary, etc. Such measures are related to the struggle of the European Union against money laundering. They are based on the KYC “Know Your Customer” principle.

If you want to open a bank account anonymously, we recommend you first to start by registering a company and finding out, which countries have “closed lists” (for example, Belize, Ireland) and which are “open lists” of beneficiaries.

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Documents, required for opening a corporate account at the European Bank for non-residents:
  • a full set of company registration documents;
  • personal documents of the company owner and account manager;
  • a letter from the local bank branch (optional);
  • beneficiary's biography (optional);
  • some banks also require a proof of origin of funds and local business partners.
Which bank to choose for remote opening of a corporate account in Europe?

When choosing a bank to open an account in Europe, a non-resident should pay attention to the specialization of the financial institution.

For example, some banks are more suitable for storing funds in deposit accounts, others - for making international transactions, etc.

Business owners are suitable banking institutions, providing the opportunity to carry out a large number of current settlements. Such banks, as a rule, have a convenient electronic account for remote management of a corporate account.

Please note: Russian-speaking managers work in some European banks, which simplifies the resolution of issues, arising in the process of using the account.

You can open an account for a non-resident company in a European bank in countries, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Montenegro, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

Recently, banks of Cyprus and Latvia were the most popular among all jurisdictions. But as mentioned earlier, after the American audit, they became less loyal and, accordingly, less attractive to business founders. They were replaced by Czech banks. However, the procedure of opening an account with Czech banks became complicated after the introduction of restrictions on non-resident companies and partnerships. At the same time, opening an account with a Czech bank is still much easier, than in institutions in Austria or, for example, in Germany.

Separately, it is worth mentioning such jurisdictions as Montenegro and Serbia. These countries are not among signatories of the Agreement on the automatic exchange of the information about owners of bank accounts. We also have proposals for opening bank accounts in Montenegro and Serbia.

And in conclusion: now the situation in the world banking arena is changing dynamically, and we are ready to privately advise everyone, who wants to open an account with a European bank remotely.

  • The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication.
  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.
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