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Open an account for a company from the UAE

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The United Arab Emirates remains one of the most popular business platforms. Due to the favorable tax system, businessmen continue to register companies in the UAE actively. Therefore, entrepreneurs are interested in where and how to open an account for a company from the United Arab Emirates.

This article is only for informational purposes.

Opening an account for a local company in the banks of the United Arab Emirates

Most investors open accounts for their companies at their place of registration, in this case in the United Arab Emirates.

Having decided to open an account for the UAE company with a UAE bank, you should be aware, that approval by banks may depend on a number of factors:

  • Banks in this jurisdiction will pay attention, to which zone a company is registered in (Mainland, Free Zone or Offshore).
  • Your business will also play an important role.
  • A legal entity, for which the opening the account is planned, must have a real local office and real employees.
  • To open a corporate account in the UAE, a personal presence of the signatory is required (a procedure usually takes one day).
A preparation of documents

An important point in opening an account for an Arab company in a local bank is the preparation and translation of documents. If you make the slightest mistake in the documentation, you will have to revisit the bank.

In order to avoid mistakes and save your time, we recommend contacting IQ Decision lawyers. We will check your documents and provide assistance in opening a corporate account in the UAE.

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You can open an account for a company in the United Arab Emirates by providing:
  • a package of documents for the enterprise (we will help you to collect the necessary documentation);
  • a detailed information about a company;
  • bank statements for all shareholders of the company;
  • a document, confirming a place of residence of the beneficiary.

You can check out a more detailed list of documents from our specialists, as it will depend on the type of activity of your company or a selected bank.

An opportunity to open an account for the UAE company in Europe

IQ Decision can help you to open an account for the Arab enterprise with a bank in Europe.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that unlike the United Arab Emirates, a non-resident beneficiary, in some cases, has an opportunity to open an account for a company from the UAE in Europe remotely.

In order to open a corporate account in the EU, banks require:

  • company documents;
  • personal documents of owners/shareholders;
  • a confirmation, that a profit of your company is legal (not all banks request it).

Our experts can help you to open accounts for a company from the UAE in various jurisdictions, including:

To order personal advice on opening an account for UAE company, contact us in any convenient way.

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