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Opening a bank account in Seychelles in 2020

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Corporate account opening in Seychelles

Key benefits of opening an account in Seychelles:

  • High level of confidentiality;
  • It is possible to open an account for non-resident founders;
  • An account management through specialized online services;
  • Opening an account within a few days in case of full incorporation.
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Until recently, Seychelles was considered one of the most popular classic offshore jurisdictions. Registering a company in Seychelles and opening an account with a bank in the Seychelles was possible subject to the preparation of a minimum package of documents and without the personal presence of the beneficiary.

What are today’s realities? Is it possible to quickly open a corporate account in the Seychelles, and what requirements must be met for this? We will analyze this question in detail in our article.

Key changes for 2020

At the beginning of this year, it became known, that the EU transferred the Seychelles from the gray to the black list of jurisdictions for their inability to solve problems, associated with existing preferential tax regimes.


For details, legal advice by our lawyers will help you to open an account for a company from island jurisdictions

However, despite such a decision and restrictions by the European Union, entrepreneurs can still:
  • To register a company in the Seychelles (only if a direct structure is used, because in this case a positive decision from the bank is likely);
  • To open an account in Seychelles (only if the new requirements specified in the changes to the laws are met: the presence of a local office and local employees).

If you want to open an account in the Seychelles, you need to understand, that many banks still perceive this jurisdiction as a classic offshore, and due to the strict compliance requirements of KYC and AML policies, a cooperation is refused.

Nevertheless, if you need to open an account for a company from Seychelles, we suggest you familiarizing yourself with existing offers.

Actual solutions

If you have an existing business or plan to establish a company in Seychelles, then you can open a corporate account with Al Salam Bank, one of the leading local institutions.


To find out more, we advise you to order legal advice on opening a bank account in Seychelles

For other countries, it is possible to open an account with Bank One in Mauritius or open an account with OCBC Bank in China.

It is worth noting, that some banks in Macedonia offer opening accounts for companies from Seychelles, that are less than 1 year old.

Our experts are ready to provide you with more detailed information on this topic and provide legal support in opening a corporate account in Macedonia.

Also, those, who wish to conduct business in island jurisdictions, can open an account in the Bilderlings payment system (for the purpose of SEPA transfers) or open an account in DynaPay (for Target and SEPA transfers).

IQDconsulting services

It is worth saying, that registering a company in Seychelles, as well as opening an account for a company from Seychelles, is not an easy task.

If you are interested in up-to-date solutions not from the EU black list, then our employees are ready to advise you in detail and provide professional assistance in this matter.

To order legal advice on opening accounts for companies from Seychelles and other related services, please call us at the contacts listed below.

  • The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication.
  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.
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