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Opening a bank account in offshore jurisdictions in 2020

A few years ago, registering an offshore company was a popular solution for opening a business. Belize, BVI, Cayman Islands, Seychelles and other island jurisdictions attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs due to the availability of tax preferences.

However, under pressure from the EU, the United States and various international organizations, some of them decided to take the path of reform in relation to the tax system, while the other part still refuses to engage in dialogue. You can find out more about this here.

Is it possible to open an account for an offshore company in 2020 and are there any alternatives? Our article will deal with these issues.

Where to open a bank account for non-residents in 2020?

Currently, most island jurisdictions are engaged in the elimination of preferential taxation regimes, as well as the introduction of more stringent requirements for the process of starting a business. This issue also applies to the opening of bank accounts in offshore jurisdictions.


Due to the current situation of de-offshoring, we recommend you considering other options for opening an account for a non-resident company.

Below, our experts have prepared a list of jurisdictions, in which you can register a company and open a corporate account for a non-resident enterprise, even in the absence of local activities.


If you plan to open a business in European countries, then you should consider registering a company in Portugal.

Among the key advantages of this solution are the relative simplicity and ease of management, as well as the ability to quickly open an account with a Portuguese bank (subject to a personal visit of the beneficiary).

To find out more, we advise you to order advice on opening a non-resident account in Europe.


Those, who are interested in Asian jurisdictions, our experts are ready to offer legal assistance in registering a company in Hong Kong, as well as legal support in opening an account for a Hong Kong company in China.

The option of establishing a company in Singapore and the subsequent opening of an account in a Singapore bank are also available.

We draw your attention to the fact, that entrepreneurs can open a non-resident account in Hong Kong, as well as open a corporate account in Singapore remotely (a visit to the bank after lifting the quarantine regime is recommended).


The United States is a respectable jurisdiction, that offers favorable conditions for starting a business.

You can register a company in the USA, as well as open an account with Bank of America remotely (it is one of the largest local institutions).


Legal advice on opening a non-resident account in the United States will help you find out the details.


Registering a partnership in Canada can also be considered a promising option. In this case, we recommend opening an account with Toronto-Dominion Bank without a personal visit. The Bank actively cooperates with non-residents and offers the opportunity to quickly open accounts.

Where to open an account for a foreign company in 2020?

Opening a bank account for a non-resident company is also possible, however, it is worthwhile to understand, that such a solution requires a lot of time and money.

Below, you will find current offers.


For many years, local banks have been offering their services to both local and foreign citizens, and are ready to open an account for a non-resident company in a relatively short time.

If you are interested in such a solution, then we are ready to provide legal assistance in opening an account for a foreign company in Belarus.


The banking sector of Northern Macedonia is represented by many prestigious institutions, offering a wide range of services, including opening an account for a company with a foreign capital.

By choosing this jurisdiction, you can open an account with a non-resident company with Silk Road Bank remotely.


Opening a bank account in Switzerland gives great opportunities for doing business. Those, who are interested in this jurisdiction, we offer to order legal assistance in opening a non-resident account with Hinduja Bank remotely.

Additional solutions

In addition to banks, entrepreneurs can also open an account for a foreign company in the payment system.


Among the main advantages of this option, it is worth highlighting the possibility of opening an account in the shortest possible time – from 1 day.

In this case, we are ready to provide legal support in opening an account with Bilderlings Pay (UK), as well as help:

In addition, our staff can provide legal assistance in opening an account with DIXIPAY.

IQDconsulting services

If you are looking for the opportunity to quickly and inexpensively open an account for a company with a foreign capital in Europe, America and other world jurisdictions, then IQD Consulting experts are ready to provide you with comprehensive legal support at all stages of this process.

To get more detailed information, fill out the special form or call us, using the contact details below.

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