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Opening a corporate bank account in Seychelles

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Corporate account opening in Seychelles in 2020

Key benefits of opening an account in Seychelles:

  • A high level of confidentiality;
  • It is possible to open an account for non-resident founders;
  • An account management through specialized online services;
  • Opening an account within a few days in case of full incorporation.
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It is possible for local commercial organizations to open corporate accounts with Seychelles banks to meet bank requirements. You will also be interested: banks may not open your account, if your company does not meet their standards.

Wanting to learn about all intricacies of registering Seychelles companies or opening accounts in Seychelles, receive qualified advice from IQD Consulting experts.

Benefits of Seychelles accounts

To open the account with Seychelles banks, remember, that all data, providing to financial institutions, is a completely confidential.

Accounts are available after the submission of such documents:
  • A photocopy of the Charter, a certificate of registration;
  • Documents, confirming the financial condition of your firm;
  • Photocopies of identity papers;
  • A recommendation notice from another bank;
  • The positive decision of the Board.

Persons, who are allowed to issue bills in the Seychelles, must provide access to photocopies of their passports, a physical location and a reference from another bank.

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To speed up a billing process and not miss out on nuances of billing, request competent advice with IQD Consulting team. We will also provide professional support services in the establishment of Seychelles companies.


One of the conditions is the existence of a min authorized capital of $10,000, which must be paid no later than 30 days. An official language of all documentation is English. In the future, the min balance should not fall below $25,000. If this situation occurs, a bank may charge additional fees, close the account. Seychelles account process will take 1 month (under certain conditions increases to 3 months).

Advantages of local banks

A customer data is completely confidential. Foreign entrepreneurs can open a bank account in Seychelles remotely. Online services are available around the clock. You will also receive a credit card.

What is necessary to gain access to accounts?

IQD Consulting team has all the necessary tools and knowledge to provide you with qualified support in opening a bank account in Seychelles as quickly and simply as possible. In addition, our advisors can provide customers with other alternative solutions. For more information on this subject, call our team of professionals at the contacts listed on the site.

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