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How to open a bank account in England

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Corporate account opening in England in 2020

Key advantages of opening a bank account in England:

  • One of the most prestigious jurisdictions;
  • Safe banking system;
  • Requirements to confirm the legality of the business;
  • The Largest Banks in the World.
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England is an attractive jurisdiction for doing business and one of the countries with a secure banking system. All entrepreneurs know, that for the convenience of conducting financial transactions in entrepreneurial activity, it is necessary to distinguish between personal and corporate accounts. Therefore, this article will discuss how to open a corporate account with the English bank.

Important details when opening an account with UK banks

A bank account in England can be opened with a local company, whose director is a resident of the country. Such a company must have a real office.

Also, in order to open an account for a company in England, the director must be present in person at the bank. An interview will be held, during which it will be necessary to provide a full package of necessary documents and answer a number of standard questions.

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It is possible to OPEN an account with a British bank if:
  • there is a confirmation of the local address;
  • there are evidences of the legality of your business.
To OPEN a bank account in Britain, you need:
  • documents, that can confirm your identity;
  • a confirmation of a registered English address;
  • the utility bill;
  • sometimes an insurance number is required;
  • an agreement, that you are renting a property, in which your last name is indicated;
  • a statement from another bank.

Our company provide professional assistance in collecting all necessary documents for opening an account for a company with British banks.

The legal entity must provide documents, that would testify to company's activities and its profits:
  • a document confirming the registration of the company;
  • the company Charter;
  • a business plan.


If you plan to start an entrepreneurial activity in England, or you already have a functioning company and you plan to open an account with a bank of England, we recommend you first contacting our company experts for professional advice on the main nuances in opening accounts with English banks. We also provide full support at all stages of a business registration process and obtaining business licenses in England.

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