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Opening an account in Japan

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Opening an account in Japan in 2020

The main benefits of opening an account in Japan include:

  • A favorable environment for doing business;
  • Developed banking infrastructure;
  • High level of confidentiality;
  • Effective digital banking system;
  • A short (standard) package of documents;
  • Short terms of opening an account.
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Japan, as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, is known for having a most favorable environment for doing business. A considerable advantage is the ability to quickly and easily open an account with a Japanese bank and open an account for a company in Japan.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of opening a corporate account in Japan, as well as consider the key stages of the procedure.

For more detailed information, we recommend you ordering personal advice on opening an account with a bank of Japan from IQ Decision lawyers.

Business benefits

Those, who decide to register a company in Japan and open an account in Japan, have many advantages, including:

  • A high level of GDP (4th place in the world);
  • A loyal tax system (a corporate tax 23,2%);
  • A modern communication system, a developed banking sector, a transport system;
  • An established system of trade with China, South Korea, USA, UAE, Indonesia, Australia and Saudi Arabia;
  • A high quality of life;
  • Ample opportunities for the development of all types of business, especially SME;
  • The authorities are interested in attracting foreign capital.

Those, who wish to open a corporate account with a bank of Japan, will also appreciate a high level of confidentiality and a wide functionality of digital banking.

Account opening in Japan

This jurisdiction attracts the attention of many businessmen and investors, who are interested in conducting both traditional (a trade, a production, intermediary services) and innovative types of entrepreneurial activities (Fintech).

Those, who intend to open an account with a Japanese bank, will need to prepare a standard set of documents (a passport, a bank statement), however, it is also worthwhile to understand, that some banks may request an additional information.

You can learn more about this during individual advice on opening a corporate account in Japan from IQ Decision specialists.

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It is important to consider

If you plan to open an account for a Japanese company, you will need to know the following:

  • Opening an account with a bank of Japan is possible only with a personal visit;
  • The tentative dates for opening an account in Japan are 2 weeks;
  • A corporate account can be opened only for a resident of the country (to find out more, order legal advice on registering a business in Japan from IQ Decision experts);
  • A cost of legal support in opening an account in Japan is from 2,500 EUR.
Where to open a bank account in Japan?

If you want to open an account for a company with a Japanese bank, then our experts are ready to offer you the following options:

  • Opening an account with Post Office Bank;
  • Opening a corporate account with Mizuho Bank;
  • Opening an account for a company at Shinsei bank.

You also have the opportunity to open an account with SMBC and open an account with Bank of Japan.

To find out more, order personal advice on the account opening in Japan from IQ Decision lawyers.

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