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Support in opening a bank account

What are the purposes for opening accounts with foreign banks? For the effective work of your company, the implementation and direct management of all its financial resources are necessary. You will need to open an account with a bank of your chosen jurisdiction for this purpose.

IQD Consulting services

IQD Consulting team, which has a huge "baggage" of knowledge of international law, specializes in professional support in registering a business abroad. Our experts will help promptly resolve the tasks thanks to an individual approach for each client.

Regarding opening accounts with international banks, we recall, that, in recent years, methods of combating money laundering have been actively introduced, and banks are tightening requirements in the process of conducting banking operations. For these reasons, you will need qualified assistance from IQD Consulting specialists.

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What services do we offer:
  • qualified advice on the conditions of servicing banks and charging fees;
  • professional assistance in preparing a package of necessary documents and opening an account;
  • the assistance of competent advisor in identification in the banking system without a personal presence;
  • qualified advice until the moment of opening an account (if a personal visit is required);
  • professional assistance in the connection of Internet banking, card accounts, etc.

Our experts will also provide individual advice on opening a personal account abroad.

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