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A profitable proposition: to open an account for a company in the USA remotely in 2020

Company incorporation

The functioning of the company is difficult to imagine without a bank account. New startups are actively supported by the United States of America. Opening a business in America is a great opportunity for any entrepreneur. Our lawyers will provide you with options to open an account in the USA remotely. At the moment, we will accompany in opening an account with Silicon Valley Bank remotely.

Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is a new solution for entrepreneurs, who want to open an account with a foreign company in the USA remotely. For more than 30 years, the American Silicon Valley Bank has been serving its customers by supporting new projects at favorable tariff plans. It is profitable to register a company in the USA in such states as Delaware, Canada, Ontario, Nevada, California, Texas, Oregon.

A business in America offers great opportunities. If you want to open a business in the USA, pay attention to registering a company in Delaware. After submitting all documentation, the time for opening a company in Delaware takes from 14 business days.

SVB StartUp banking solution is all, that is needed to start a business, including opening a current account, issuing a debit card, using online banking services, unlimited incoming ACH payments and many other benefits, if you decide to open an account for a company in Silicon Valley Bank With remotely!

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Money transactions are carried out, using the online transfer system ACH Payments. ACH Payments are an effective and cheap alternative to paper checks and credit cards. On the Internet, ACH is mainly used for an individual client (P2P), a business client (B2C or B2B). Monthly, SBV creates for its customers the condition of 2 free international incoming money transfers and 3 free international incoming money transfers.

If you decide to open a corporate account with SBV, you will receive digital banking services, that make it easier for you to manage your accounts and allow you to quickly complete transactions. You can automate and integrate global payments and receipts, streamline processes and make financial management decisions. Among advantages are:

  • Getting the access to your accounts and services of Silicon Valley Bank through an online channel, mobile tools or any electronic devices.
  • Making payments of incoming payments and receiving outgoing.
  • The ability to open a multi-currency current account.

In the process of submitting all documentation, the bank conducts an interview with a future client in the form of a video link. You will need to install the latest SVB Mobile App on your iOS or Android device, and to access the toolbox you will need to connect to a wireless network or data. Competent lawyers of our company will be able to open an account in Silicon Valley Bank without a personal presence not only with American enterprises, but also with European companies!

The Silicon Valley Bank has branches in major US cities. Not all European jurisdictions are willing to open corporate accounts. Having decided to open an account with Silicon Valley Bank, you will receive a favorable tariff plan for international transactions and support from the bank in all areas of entrepreneurial activity.

IQD Consulting competent lawyers will help you to open an account with Silicon Valley Bank remotely and to register a foreign business.

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