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Where is it profitable to register a company in Europe in 2020?

Registering a company in Europe is always prestigious. In addition, registering a company in Liechtenstein or establishing a company in Luxembourg makes it possible to work in a globally recognized jurisdiction. But, mainly, registering a company in the Czech Republic or setting up a company in Malta is a profitable solution, than conducting business through companies from the CIS countries.

Why is doing business in Europe cheaper than in the CIS?

If you want to set up a company in Europe, you can forget about corruption and bribes from officials. In addition, in Europe there is no currency control and other restrictions.

In most European countries you will pay much less taxes, than in the CIS countries. For example, deciding to open a company in the canton of Zug (Switzerland), you will be surprised at the unusually low tax rate, and, if you want to register a company in Ireland, you can be exempt from taxes. Also, businessmen, who decide to register a company in European countries, do not pay any customs duties.

Is it possible to register an enterprise in Europe and get an opportunity to open an account with European banks?

A European banking system is characterized by stability and reliability. Therefore, deciding to register a company in Europe, you will get a real chance to open a bank account in the Czech Republic, open an account in Switzerland or in Macedonia.

Through bank accounts in Europe, you can take advantage of cheap loans and other financial instruments.

For example, you can establish a company in Liechtenstein and easily open an account with a bank in Liechtenstein.

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Registering a company in Europe as an opportunity to pay less taxes

A company in Malta or Ireland is a well-known way to reduce a tax burden. In addition to these jurisdictions, you can open a company in Bulgaria, register a company in Switzerland or Hungary. These countries also have attractive and profitable tax systems.

Establishing an IT company in Europe

It is very beneficial to open an IT company in the Czech Republic or in Malta. These European countries have long been developing an IT sphere, which means, that your IT company will be perceived by banks, partners and customers as a reliable and stable structure.

If you decide to open a company in European countries, then this will be a good solution for any type of entrepreneurial activity, from trading to the IT sector. Therefore, if you want to register a commercial enterprise in Slovakia, set up a company in Macedonia, open a company in Montenegro or other European jurisdictions, then a team of professionals of IQD Consulting will resolve all organizational issues.

With our help you can open a company in Germany promptly and efficiently, register a company in Serbia or in the other prestigious jurisdiction.

European business is easy, profitable and reliable.

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