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Where to register a company under ICO?

Crypto activity is one of the most popular types of business among modern entrepreneurs. Many businessmen want to increase their income and enter new markets. To engage in cryptocurrencies legally, you should register a company under ICO, obtain a license for a cryptocurrency exchange. In today's article, we will consider in which jurisdictions it is easier and better to conduct ICO activities.


If you want to register an ICO company in Switzerland, you should know, that in Switzerland there is a number of laws, that regulate crypto activities. For example, the canton of Zug is even called a crypto valley, because it has most favorable conditions for this business. Among advantages of this jurisdiction: a low taxation, a high reputation among other states, a stability and prestige.

What you need to consider, if you want to register a Swiss ISO company:
  • Among all directors is one local director.
  • A minimum capital is approximately $100,000.
  • You need an AML certificate.

Specialists of our company will assist in setting up a Swiss company for cryptocurrency, in obtaining a license for a cryptocurrency exchange in Switzerland.

You can conduct crypto activities in Switzerland without a license, in this case the enterprise is a member of a local self-regulatory structure.


This is a state, that confidently takes a leading position in technological progress. Jurisdictional authorities have a positive attitude towards digital currencies and believe, that such innovations will soon become commonplace. If you want to register an ICO company in Australia, then contact our team for qualified assistance. Registering a company under a crypto exchanger in Australia is quite expensive, but, thanks to our experience and contacts, this process can be carried out very quickly (in just a couple of days). In addition, there are legitimate opportunities to reduce taxes.

What to consider for those, who wish to set up an Australian firm under an ICO:
  • You can establish a JSC in Australia or set up an Australian JSC with unlimited liability.
  • These types are perfect for both small and large businesses.
  • There are no requirements for an authorized capital.

One of the financial centers of the world. Conducting ICO activities in Singapore is profitable and promising. We will help you to deal with all existing types of licenses and show you how to register a company under an ICO in Singapore, to open an account for a Singapore company and to obtain a license for a crypto exchange in Singapore.

What to consider for those, who wish to open a Singapore company under an ICO:
  • There are 6 types of ICOs and solutions for each of them.
  • You will need one of the following licenses (or permissions) for crypto activities:
  • to Serve Singapore Capital Markets;
  • of Singapore financial consultant;
  • for an electronic cryptocurrency exchanger;
  • to operate a market operator.
  • A minimum capital: no limits.

This jurisdiction has not yet fully regulated crypto activities, nevertheless, the law allows registering an ICO in Malta. Today, cryptocurrencies are not used in Malta as a means of payment, and they are not recognized by state authorities as exchange currency. However, this does not preclude the registration of companies on the basis of an appropriate ICO. In the near future it is planned to introduce regulatory rules, regarding the issue and exchange of digital currencies.

What to consider for those, who want to register a Maltese enterprise under an ICO:
  • A minimum capital is approximately $240;
  • You need a local secretary and a local director;
  • You can open an ICO in Malta remotely;
  • You need a local address.

Entrepreneurs can get advice and support on registering an ICO organization in Malta remotely from our specialists.


This jurisdiction is popular among businessmen, as crypto activities are legalized, transparent. We provide a full package of services on registering a company under the ICO in Estonia. Contact us, using any convenient feedback form.

What to consider for those, who decide to register an Estonian company under an ICO:

  • You need to get e-residency;
  • It is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan;
  • A registered capital is 2500 euros.

The crypto market in Belarus is just beginning to develop. There are certain risks, but, in principle, as elsewhere. Deciding to open an ICO company in Belarus, you can conduct any activity, related to tokens.

Contact IQD Consulting lawyers and we will talk about features of this state in terms of business.

  • A minimum capital: no limits.
  • You must have at least 500,000 US dollars (a crypto platform operator) or 100,000 US dollars (a crypto exchange operator) in your local bank account.
Isle of Man

Previously, this jurisdiction did not cause interest among businessmen, since the issue of cryptocurrencies was not settled here. But, recently, more and more provisions have been introduced, aimed at the functioning of crypto exchangers and other types of crypto activities. Now, entrepreneurs, who are focused on conducting international business, can register an ICO company on the Isle of Man, obtain a license for an ICO on the Isle of Man.

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What to consider for those, who wish to register an ICO firm on the Isle of Man:
  • No requirements for an authorized capital;
  • A a state duty is approximately $860;
  • An annual license fee is approximately $440.

Find out more details by contacting us by contact numbers.


Actively introduces laws and regulations, regarding crypto activities. Now, businessmen can register an investment cryptocurrency fund in the Czech Republic - a modern Czech investment tool, that complies with EU directives and can be used for any categories of assets.

You can open a company under an ICO in the Czech Republic, if you follow all rules of this country and arrange your business in accordance with the letter of the law. You can do this legally and efficiently, using services of our company.

What to consider for those, who intend in registering an investment cryptocurrency fund in the Czech Republic:

  • You can legally reduce tax rates.
  • You can quickly open an account in the Czech Republic under ICO.
  • The minimum authorized capital must be at least 4000 euros.

A state of advanced technology. Now it is not in great demand among customers.

What to consider for those, who wish to register an ICO in Gibraltar:

  • A license for an ICO in Gibraltar has not yet been provided.
  • It is already possible to register a company under an ICO in Gibraltar.

The elite business and prestige are main keywords, that characterize this jurisdiction. At the end of last year, in the UAE (Abu Dhabi), a financial regulator introduced instructions on electronic currencies, the initial placement of coins. Country's authorities are still wary of cryptocurrencies, but experts predict changes in the near future. You can open a company under an ICO in Dubai - a most popular region.

What to consider for those, who wish to register an ICO in the UAE:
  • At this moment, you can not obtain a license for crypto activities in the UAE.
  • It is difficult to open an account for an ICO in the UAE.
  • A minimum declared capital: no restrictions.

The economically strong country. Planning to register a company under an ICO in Japan, obtain a license for a crypto exchange in Japan, contact our specialists.

What to consider for those, who wish to register an ICO in Japan:

  • A high amount of a registered capital: $88,000;
  • Bitcoin is legal tender;
  • A strict state control of all areas of crypto activities.

This is another popular jurisdiction in the modern business world. Be sure to take the advice of specialists, as there are many points to consider.

What to consider for those, who decide to register an American company under an ICO:
  • Each state has its own laws. 50 states - 50 different legal systems.
  • The cheapest option is to register a company under an ICO in Hawaii (a state fee for a license is $30,000).

The jurisdiction, that relatively recently opened the door for businessmen, who want to conduct crypto business at the international level. Now registering a company under an ICO in the Philippines is real, albeit quite expensive.

What to consider for those, who wish to register a company under an ICO in the Philippines:

  • Such activities will be strictly checked by relevant services, and only verified investors will be able to invest in Philippine ICO projects.
  • The amount of the authorized capital, to be paid over two years, is $1,000,000.

There are other possibilities and solutions for registering an ICO company and obtaining a license for a crypto exchanger. You can consider options: to register a company under an ICO in Malaysia, Vanuatu, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Jamaica and other jurisdictions. We will be able to analyze the situation as a whole, taking into account your goals, opportunities and wishes, and we will select the most optimal option of all existing.

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  • Please, consider contacting our experts for possible solutions for your business.
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