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Interesting and promising solution in 2020: registering a company in South Africa

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Company registration in South Africa in 2020

Setting up a business in South Africa has several advantages and the main ones are:

  • Developed economy
  • Investment attractiveness
  • The country does not included in any black list
  • Guaranteed avoidance of double taxation
  • Company registration – from 2590 EUR
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Each novice entrepreneur considers hundreds of proposals on registering companies. An experienced businessman, who seeks to expand his business and is looking for access to new markets acts the same way. If you want to find new customers and business partners, as well as to get maximum benefits, we recommend you to consider such a jurisdiction, as South Africa. By deciding to register a company in South Africa and open an account for a company in South Africa, you will enjoy a lot of advantages of this jurisdiction.

What you should know about South Africa
  • South Africa (the full name of the Republic of South Africa) is a state, that has a stable economy, and is a member of the G20.
  • It has a developed banking and financial system.
  • Not included in any “blacklist”.
  • You can use nominee services.
  • A state has entered into many double tax treaties.
  • A standard corporate income tax rate is 25%.
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Nuances of incorporating a company in South Africa

If you decide to set up a company in the Republic of South Africa, then contact us, using any feedback form convenient for you. A long-term experience and established contacts in various jurisdictions give us the opportunity to provide services for opening a business abroad quickly and efficiently. We will tell you about all nuances of entrepreneurship in South Africa, as well as other countries of your interest.

  • Legal business forms:
  1. Private company.
  2. Public company.
  • Basic requirements for establishing a South African company:
  1. Founders can be both legal entities and individuals.
  2. No restrictions on a residency, but the resident must control the income and its source.
  3. A presence of a real office.
  4. A presence of a company secretary.
  5. No minimum share capital requirements.
  6. A minimum number of shareholders is one.
  7. An audit and reports are required.
How to register a commercial enterprise in South Africa?

Today, registering a company in South Africa remotely is a good option for those, who are in search of new sources of income, or those, who want to take their business to a new level. A political and economic stability, a comfortable taxation, as well as a highly developed infrastructure encourage the development of a business.

Have you already decided to register a company in South Africa and open a corporate account in South Africa? Then, call us using the contact numbers, listed on the IQD Consulting website.

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