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How to register a company in France in 2020: a detailed overview

Company incorporation

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Registering a company in France in 2020

The advantages of this jurisdiction are:

  • Minimum requirements for an authorized capital;
  • No residency requirements;
  • The presence of agreements on the avoidance of double taxation;
  • Access to the EU market;
  • The ability to establish a business without a personal presence.

Registration of a business – from €3 200

Company registration period – from 30 days

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To register an enterprise in France, you must apply to the French Center for Business Formalities, which, also, processes applications for registration in the register of commercial and industrial companies.

A phased process:
  • to choose a type of company;
  • to provide constituent documents (notarized);
  • to register shareholders data in the commercial register;
  • to get a tax number;
  • to obtain an appropriate license in France.

Registering a French business enterprise, in the implementation of the above items, takes from 7 days.

A package of required documents:
  • A booking form in the name (submitted to the Commercial Register);
  • A characteristic of an enterprise;
  • Data on all shareholders, directors, notarized copies of documents;
  • A distribution of shares.

A Charter is the main document, written in French and notarized, that are required, when setting up a company in France. A Charter contains a detailed information about sharers/directors, a statutory fund, about the share of shares of interested parties.

The legal address determines the tax residency. A confirmation of this is the rental.

Please note: an address can be changed or expanded (when opening branches in France).

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A process of establishing an enterprise
  • Choosing a unique (a previously unregistered) name;
  • Opening a corporate account in France;
  • A submission of necessary documents.
  • Obtaining a French licence (can reach several weeks).
Enterprises must list themselves in:
  • Manufacturing - in the Chamber of Commerce;
  • Commercial agents and non-trading organizations - in the Commercial Register;
  • Agricultural firms - in the Agricultural Chamber.

Each firm should receive an extract from the Register of Trade and Companies (RCS).

Types of businesses:
  • an LLC (SARL). A liability depends on the amount of a down payment. An authorized capital is 1 euro.
  • an Open JSC (SA). Suitable for medium/large companies. A distinctive feature is the presence of the Board of Directors. An audit is required. The minimum authorized fund is 37,000 euros.
  • a Simplified JSC (САС). There are no minimum capital requirements. A number of partners is 2, who freely organize all types of activities.
  • an LLC (EURL) with 1 member. Looks like an LLC, but a taxation is different.
  • a Full Partnership (SNC) can be established by at least 2 associated companies, who are endowed with an equal liability for debts of the enterprise.
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IQD Consulting experts are ready to provide a client with a detailed information on opening a corporate account in a French bank, assist at every stage of registering a French enterprise.

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