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How to register a company in Australia to work with Bitcoins?

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In the case of working with bitcoins, you need to pay attention to countries with the adapted legislation. As a popular country for organizing activities and registering a company, Australia offers the opportunity to choose a work with bitcoins as an area for business. The Australian government is interested in developing cryptocurrencies in the country and wants to become the center of global financial technologies.

Benefits of registering a company in Australia:
  • Australia ranks 5th in the world in a legal protection of assets of its companies;
  • Australia is an attractive investment country with a high standard of living;
  • Australia is not an offshore; the Australian company has more opportunities, when working with different countries.
  • It is possible to open an account for a work with bitcoins in the Australian bank.
  • The term for opening an Australian enterprise is 2 days.

If you want to open a company in Australia, you should pay attention to the fact, that the tax rate here is quite high - from 28,5 to 30%, but there are still legal possibilities to minimize taxes.

You can open a private Australian proprietary company in one of the following options:
  • Open a Joint-Stock Company in Australia with the responsibility of shareholders (Limited by Shares);
  • Register an Australian Joint-Stock Company with unlimited liability (Unlimited with Share Capital).

A private company can be opened for a small business (turnover up to 2 million Australian dollars) or large business.

Representatives of our company will advise in setting up a company in Australia, as well as in opening an account with a bank in Australia.

If you want to work with Bitcoin in Australia, contact us and find out about different options.

Read also:
  • A cost is from 2500 EURO.
  • The price includes:
  1. the execution of corporate documents by an Australian qualified lawyer;
  2. a payment of taxes;
  3. a payment for our company services;
  4. a maintenance of an Australian office/agent for 1 year.
  • Additionally paid:
  1. nominee director services;
  2. services of the nominal owner;
  3. nominee secretary services.
  • The term of registering an Australian company is 48 hours.

  • It is possible to open an account in Australia. The cost is 2500 EURO.

  • Registering the company begins after you have provided us with:

  1. a completed order form;
  2. an order confirmation;
  3. a payment;
  4. ID of documents.
  • An audit is not required; accounting filing is required; we also provide this service.

  • Australian companies have such tax rates:

  1. a company turnover up to 2 million Australian dollars - 28,5%;
  2. if the turnover is greater - 30%.

We are ready to offer Bitcoin lawyer assistance for beginners in the cryptocurrency world, which includes: legal advice on the legal use of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

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