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Benefits of registering a company in Cambodia

Company incorporation


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Registering a company in Cambodia in 2020

Key benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction:

  • A developed banking system;
  • A favorable tax regime;
  • A minimum bureaucracy;
  • The positive attitude of the authorities towards foreign investment;
  • Investment projects are subject to preferential taxation;
  • The presence of high-quality Internet banking;
  • No problems with transactions, currency conversion, cash and foreign accounts.

A cost of registering a business is from €3490

A company registration period is from 30 days

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Cambodia is located in a southern part of the Indochina Peninsula. A Cambodian kingdom has a stable competitive economy. Among most developed industries, it is worth highlighting: a tourism, the food industry, the woodworking industry, clothing and footwear industries. The capital of the country is Phnom Penh. The official language is Khmer. The state currency is riel (KHR). It is included in such international organizations as: UN, WTO, Asian Development Bank, IAEA, IBRD, IMF and others.

Cambodia's business climate

Establishing a Cambodia company is the best idea in 2020. Main advantages, that may interest potential entrepreneurs and investors, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • A dynamically developing economy;
  • A stability of the socio-political situation;
  • A high level of GDP;
  • A prosperity of the banking sector;
  • A positive attitude towards foreign investors;
  • The ability to open a business with 100% foreign capital without the need to attract local partners;
  • DTA agreements with China, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei;
  • A soft tax treatment.

Deciding to set up a company in Cambodia in 2020 and are looking for interesting investment ideas, pay special attention to such business niches: an agriculture, a light industry, restaurant/hotel business, purchase/sale of commercial real estate, a construction, communications.

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Key legal forms of companies in Cambodia

If you intend to establish a commercial enterprise in Cambodia remotely, study carefully the list of existing legal forms:

  • an Individual Entrepreneur (SP);
  • a Partnership (GP/LP);
  • a Limited Liability Company (SMPL);
  • a Joint Stock Company (PC);
  • a Closed Joint-Stock Company (PLC/LLC);
  • a Joint Venture (JVC);
  • a Representative Office (RO);
  • a Subsidiary (S);
  • a Branch (B).
Business registration conditions

A successful start of a business is possible under such conditions:

  • A unique name, that sounds the same in the original language and Khmer language. It is forbidden to translate the name from one language to another;
  • An owner must obtain a business license in Cambodia for certain types of entrepreneurial activities;
  • A number of directors/shareholders is from 1 person (an individual/legal entity);
  • A presence of a registered office or legal address is mandatory;
  • A monthly financial report is required. In case of non-compliance with these conditions, a fine of $500 is provided.
Cambodian taxes
  • The VAT rate in Cambodia is 10% and 0% (for non-profit socially useful activities, primary financial, medical, insurance and other types of services).
  • The total corporate tax rate in the country is 20% (depending on the business sector):
  • a tax on gross premium income for insurance companies is 5%;
  • a mineral extraction tax (oil and gas, copper, gold, precious stones) is 30%.
How to register a company in Cambodia?

If you decide to set up a Cambodian company, then IQD Consulting specialists are ready to solve this problem as soon as possible. Also, our company offers services for opening accounts in banks in Cambodia and a qualified assistance in obtaining licenses for the Cambodian business. For more detailed information, contact us at the contacts, listed on our site.

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