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Registering a company in Panama in 2020

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Company registration in Panama in 2020

Doing business in this country has several advantages:

  • One of the most popular jurisdictions;
  • Stable economy;
  • Access to markets of South America;
  • Flexible tax system;
  • The absence of restrictions on the cash flows within country and abroad;
  • No reporting requirements;
  • You can register a company remotely.

Business registration – from 2100 €

Company registration period – from 5 days

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For entrepreneurs, who want to register a company in America, it will be beneficial to establish an enterprise in Panama.

Panama is a republic in Central America, connecting North and South America. It is a Democratic Republic, owns an excellent combination of political and economic stability.

You can open a company in Panama in the following forms:
  • a Limited Partnership (LP);
  • a Full Partnership (a General Partnership);
  • a Corporation (C-Corp/S-Corp);
  • a Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC);
  • a Private enterprise.

If you want to register a company in Panama, a name must contain a word, a phrase or the abbreviation, that distinguishes it from other enterprises. A name can be formulated in any language. The most common endings for company names are: S.A., Corporation, Corp., Incorporated, and Inc. If you decide to register a company in Panama, a name of the Corporation in the state register are considered within 30 days.

In order to register a company in Panama, you need to understand, that a standard practice is to determine the size of the authorized capital and a number of shares. Doing business requires a minimum share capital of $10,000. No mandatory deposit requirements.

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Island law provides for a minimum of three corporate directors to establish a company in Panama. The activities of each corporation are regulated by the Board of directors. A residency of a director does not matter.

A Board meetings can be held, using any electronic means of communication, anywhere in the world. Records are also a prerequisite, in which they report on all facts of the meeting or on permitted resolutions. Any resolution amending a Charter, including changes to the Board of directors, must be registered in the public register.

Panama offers a full tax exemption in cases, when a businessman wants to register a company with a full foreign ownership in Panama. A company is not required to submit annual reports. An initial contribution of $250 must be paid to the government after the company is registered in Panama. Over the following years, the annual fee is $300. No currency control and a tax exemption make a jurisdiction profitable for doing business.

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