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Registering a company in the Seychelles in 2020

A Republic of Seychelles is a state, that provides a reliable platform for entrepreneurs with developed infrastructure, a creditworthy banking system, and most importantly with transparent legislation. That is why a company registration in the Seychelles ensures a competitiveness and access to international markets. It is possible to quickly and reliably open an international company in the Seychelles. Registering a company in the Seychelles is a reliable way for owners or directors to gain anonymous status, avoid a need to file annual reports, and also get rid of onerous taxation. Island companies receive support from the state, which operates in an environment of economic stability. Establishing an enterprise in the Seychelles is a good solution for starting a profitable business.

A cost of company registration will depend on the size of an authorized capital

Privileges after registering a company in the Seychelles:

  • ensuring a protection of personal data;
  • a licensed business in almost any field of activity;
  • reliable investment conditions;
  • a state support;
  • 100% ownership of a foreign company;
  • a stable income from activities.

If you decide to set up a Seychelles company, then the annual state fee will be only $100. You can also establish an investment fund in the Seychelles. Businessmen, who want to open a company in the Seychelles can engage in any business activity. There are no requirements for authorized capital, and there is no currency control. Companies in the Seychelles can carry out international business activities.

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Another advantage for entrepreneurs, who want to open an account in the Seychelles, is a company registration with special licenses in the Seychelles. Such companies include insurance companies, as well as banking or brokerage companies.

Experienced team of IQD Consulting will explain all the details of registering a company in the Seychelles.

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