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Registering a company in Seychelles

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Registering a company in Seychelles in 2020

Among the main advantages of the country:

  • Quick company registration;
  • No minimum capital requirements;
  • Confidentiality;
  •  Stable economy;
  • Lack of currency control;
  • Low cost of doing business.

Company registration - 1890 €

Company registration period - from 2 days

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Registering an IBC in the Seychelles is governed by the Law on International Commercial Companies. It is a tax-free organization.

IQD Consulting experts will conduct comprehensive advice on registering a commercial organization in the Seychelles, provide recommendations on opening an account in a Seychelles bank.

Tax privileges
  • an income tax is 0%;
  • a stamp duty is 0%.

An official currency is rupee. You can use euro, dollar, others for settlements.

Qualified IQD Consulting experts will provide you with recommendations on tax issues and asset protection in the Seychelles.

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What is important to remember when registering a commercial firm in the Seychelles?
  • you need 1 director, 1 shareholder;
  • you can register a Seychelles company remotely;
  • an information about founders is confidential;
  • a Meeting of shareholders can be held anywhere in a world;
  • bearer shares is available.
Basic requirements:
  • A proposed authorized capital is 100,000 USD, divided into 100,000 shares with a par value of 1 USD;
  • A presence in Seychelles of a registered office and a registration agent, a prohibition of business activities in Seychelles;
  • Bearer shares are allowed.
  • Annual reporting is required;
  • Double tax agreements do not affect IBCs.

If you want to register an IBC in Seychelles, remember, please that a name of such enterprise must contain: “Limited”, “LTD”, “Corporation”, “Corp.”, “Incorporated”, “Inc.”. Restrictions are: “Bank”, “Trust”, “Insurance”, etc. It is forbidden to indicate previously used names or offensive words.

How to register an enterprise in the Seychelles remotely?

Entrepreneurs, who seek for favorable terms of confidentiality, a limited liability, an asset protection, should request for personal advice on registering a company in the Seychelles from experienced IQD Consulting specialists. Also, you can buy an existing company in the Seychelles.

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