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Registering a company in Belize in 2020

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Registering a company in Belize in 2020

Doing business in this jurisdiction has the following advantages:

  • A rapidly developing economy;
  • The developed banking system;
  • The ability to minimize taxes;
  • Lack of currency restrictions;
  • A high level of confidentiality.
  • The ability to register a business without a personal presence.

A business registration is from 1600 €

A company registration period is from 2 days

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Belize is a country in Central America, between Mexico and Guatemala, on the Caribbean. The official language is English. The capital and an administrative center is Belmopan, the largest city and commercial center is Belize.

Opening business companies in Belize is popular, because, in accordance with its legislation, companies can carry out any activity worldwide, are not taxed, also, the country is financially stable.

Basically, setting up companies in Belize is popular for export, shipowning enterprises, with the goal of investing, accumulating, protecting their assets.

Main advantages:
  • The country has signed the Hague Convention.
  • Assets are protected by the law of this country, the information about company owners is hidden.
  • A submission of reports is not required.
  • A tax exemption.
  • There is no currency control.
  • The created company has the right to work in any country in the world, except Belize.
  • Registering a commercial firm in Belize and its maintenance has a low cost.

You can set up an International Business Company (IBC) in Belize. The authorized capital is proposed to be pledged in the amount of at least 50,000 USD, which can be divided into 50,000 shares.

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Registration requirements
  • The end of the name of your enterprise should indicate its limited liability.
  • The name cannot carry a false information. For example, it is forbidden to use the word “bank” in the absence of a banking license.
  • At least 1 director/shareholder.
  • Reporting should be maintained, but an audit opinion is not required.
  • An annual state tax to the budget is from 100 to 1000 USD.
  • A mandatory presence of a legal address and the agent in Belize.
In order to open a business in Belize, you need:
  • for individuals:
  • to provide a passport;
  • to confirm the address.
  • for legal entities:
  • to provide registration documents;
  • to provide passports of individuals, owners.

You can register a company in Belize without a personal presence. Due to a high confidentiality and a political stability, Belize companies are becoming increasingly popular. Our specialists will provide you with qualified advice on registering a company in Belize.

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