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Registering a company in Estonia and E-Residency

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Registering a company in Estonia in 2020

Key benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction:

  • Stable economic situation;
  • Access to the EU market;
  • Developed banking system;
  • The possibility of establishing a business for non-residents;
  • The availability of DTA agreements;
  • Minimum tax rates for some non-resident companies.

Business registration – from €1100

Company registration period – from 7 days

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Often, entrepreneurs opt for a Baltic States, wanting to register an enterprise in Estonia. A country is attractive for businessmen in that trade is actively developed here and it is possible to conduct business freely. The attitude of the state is very favorable for foreign investment, especially in the areas that export, innovate and support regional development. Reinvested income in the state is subject to an income tax of 0%.

Estonia is a leading country in the implementation of e-government and cybersecurity. Most people use an Internet banking and fill out a tax return online.

Non-residents are entitled to apply for E-Residency in Estonia. At the same time, they will receive a state secure digital identification, will be able to carry out a digitally authenticate and digitally sign documents.

By registering in an Estonian residence, a foreign entrepreneur receives an identity card with a chip, that gives the right to digitally sign remotely, the access to secure transactions inside/outside the country.

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Why E-Residency?

A main task is the rapid development of a freelance, an international partnership. The electronic resident has the right:

  • to establish an Estonian online company;
  • to carry out online banking operations;
  • to gain the access to international payment systems;
  • to digitally sign;
  • to encrypt documents;
  • to tax online.
  • By issuing E-Residency, you gain an opportunity to sign, identify, encrypt online documents for 3 years.
  • Corporate income tax is 20%, but it can be 0% if the profit is retained for a long time inside the enterprise.
Filing an application
  • filling out an online form;
  • a verification of data by police, customs;
  • checking travel documents, fingerprints.
Digital ID can be obtained at 38 Estonian embassies around the world.

Turning to experienced lawyers of IQD Consulting, you will receive a detailed information about registering an online company in Estonia or Latvia. We will provide legal assistance in opening an account with an Estonian bank.

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