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Registering a company in Vanuatu

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Registering a company in Vanuatu in 2020

Benefits of doing business in this jurisdiction are:

  • A developing economy;
  • It is possible to minimize taxes;
  • No currency control;
  • A high level of confidentiality;
  • The ability to register a business without a personal presence.

A business registration costs from 2100 €

A company registration period is from 14 days

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Vanuatu is an independent state in Melanesia. The capital is Port Vila, the largest financial center. There are two international airports in Vanuatu.

The Republic of Vanuatu is a popular jurisdiction, that operates within the framework of preferential taxation, due to the fact, that one of the priorities of the country's government is to attract foreign investment and maintain the economy.

Benefits of registering a company in Vanuatu:
  • Jurisdiction has a zero corporate tax for both international and domestic companies/residents.
  • Сompanies are exempted from foreign exchange controls.
  • No financial reporting requirements.
  • This is ideal for those, who need a complete privacy.
You can set up a company in Vanuatu of such types:
  • an International Company;
  • an Exempt Company;
  • a Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • a Society with unlimited liability;
  • a Foreign Company.

The most popular type is the International Company.

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An International Company has several advantages:
  • The company registers in the country a legal address and uses services of an intermediary agent (a local).
  • The constitution of the company is a constituent document (analog of the Charter). The Constitution indicates the name of the company, a legal address, tasks and goals, the information about the intermediary (the information about the director is not required).
  • Lack of the “authorized capital”. The registration deadline is 24 hours. When choosing a name, you can use any language (the main condition is the availability of a certified translation into English or French). The company management independently decides on the availability of printing. A company, registered in Vanuatu, is exempted from taxes for 20 years, while there is an annual government fee (considered one of the lowest in the world) - 300 dollars. The initial registration fee is 150 dollars. Lack of requirements for the provision of financial statements and annual meetings. As an International Company can not be registered:
  • Banking institutions;
  • Financial institutions;
  • Insurance enterprises;
  • Trusts.

When using such words as: “bank”, “finance”, “fund insurance” in the name, you should obtain a license in Vanuatu.

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