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Serbia is a state with great business opportunities in 2020

Company incorporation


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Registering a company in Serbia in 2020

The main advantages of this jurisdiction are:

  • Developed economy;
  • Favorable geographical location;
  • No requirements for the residency of founders;
  • Minimum requirements for share capital;
  • Ability to open an account remotely.

Business registration - from 2500 €

Company registration period - from 15 days

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Serbia is a European state, that is a member of the United Nations and a candidate for the European Union. The leading sectors of the economy are: an agriculture, the electricity, mining, a food processing and services. A high level of confidentiality, favorable business conditions and a rapidly developing economy are undoubted advantages of this jurisdiction, that attract the attention of foreign investors from around the world. If you want to register an enterprise in Serbia, study this issue in more detail with professional team of IQD Consulting.

A most popular legal form in Serbia is a Limited Liability Company (DOO), which is characterized by such features:
  • Each participant is personally responsible for his share, contributed to the authorized capital;
  • The first half of the authorized capital is paid upon registering a Serbian company, the second half is paid during next two years;
  • A simple and quick process of registration, both for legal entities and individuals.
A less popular, but also a common organizational and legal form of doing business is the Joint-Stock Company (JSC), which is characterized by such features:
  • It is established by one or a group of individuals or legal entities;
  • Cash and material assets may be contributed to the authorized capital;
  • A JSC is fully responsible for debts and obligations.

In order for a company registration in Serbia to be successful, we advise you to contact IQD Consulting for more detailed information.

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Establishing a Serbian company is accompanied by the fulfillment of certain Regulator requirements:
  • At least 1 director and 1 shareholder;
  • A secretary is required (a legal entity is permitted);
  • To register a legal address;
  • To register a unique name;
  • To prepare a list of standard documents in Serbian, certified them by a notary;
  • To obtain a license in Serbia.

Deciding to register a Serbian construction company, you will need to obtain a license for construction work in Serbia (including drilling). IQD Consulting professionals will advise you on all legal issues.

The process of registration takes from 14 days.

A taxation
  • a corporate tax is 15%;
  • a VAT is 20%;
  • royalties are 20%;
  • dividends are 20%;

By applying the Double Taxation Agreement, foreign entrepreneurs will be able to receive benefits.

A reporting

Maintaining/filing financial statements and the audit are mandatory.

How to register a company in Serbia remotely?

In order to set up a commercial enterprise in Serbia quickly and efficiently or open an account with a bank in Serbia, we recommend you to contact IQD Consulting experts. Competent specialists will provide support services at every stage of opening enterprises and obtaining a construction license in Serbia.

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