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How to register an investment fund in Switzerland in 2020

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Registering an investment fund in Switzerland in 2020

Benefits of opening a fund in this jurisdiction:

  • Switzerland is prestigious jurisdiction and one of largest world financial centres;
  • High performance in terms of guaranteeing the reliability of deposits and their protection from unauthorized persons;
  • The ability to appeal to the Swiss courts;
  • The opportunity to buy an existing investment fund in Switzerland.
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Registering a foreign investment fund will be primarily interesting to those who already have some experience in foreign investment. By combining capitals, you can invest money much more profitably and, accordingly, run your business at a higher level.

Knowing how to open an investment fund and planning to invest in certain financial instruments that such funds possess, you will definitely think about issues of protection and confidentiality.

IQD Consulting specialists will be able to assist you in choosing of the appropriate jurisdiction. One of the best options may be to register an investment fund in Switzerland.

Tested fund options in Switzerland for IQD Consulting clients

If you decided to set up a fund in Switzerland, then you choose a classic and effective alternative to such enterprises as, for example, trusts. This decision will help you not only preserve your assets, but also increase them. Because, Switzerland, as a world financial center, has high indicators in terms of guaranteeing the reliability of deposits and their protection from unauthorized persons.

According to IQD Consulting specialists monitoring, in the presence of some difficulties in working with this prestigious jurisdiction, in comparison with other European countries, the question of how to set up an investment fund in Switzerland remains a popular one.

Registering a fund in Switzerland includes a record in the Public Register; moreover, information on beneficiaries is not required – only data on Fund board members.

It is worth noting that family fund in Switzerland can be registered without a record in the Public Register. It will be enough to present a document confirming the registration of your fund.

Also, you should know that:

  • In case when investment fund is operating in the local financial market, you will need to open an account in Switzerland and to maintain accounting;
  • Amendment of the Charter can only be made with the participation of the local supervisory service;
  • Registering a private investment fund in Switzerland is carried out upon inclusion of three individuals or legal entities to the Fund board, and at least one of them must be a resident of Switzerland;
  • The structure of the Swiss investment fund will not be flexible, but for different types of funds it does not differ and can be formed for a certain period.
Mandatory requirements for non-residents

Non-residents should meet the following requirements when registering a Swiss investment fund:

  • A legal entity is acquired immediately after registration;
  • The owner of property and assets is only a fund and no one else;
  • It is allowed to use almost all types of assets;
  • An investment fund is formed for specific purposes.

Tax rates for investment funds in Switzerland:

  • No income tax for non-residents, profiting outside Switzerland;
  • No taxation in the absence of commercial transactions;
  • No tax on capital itself and its distribution;
  • No tax on asset transfers;
  • Reduced inheritance tax;
  • Federal income tax – 4.25%.

If you have chosen the jurisdiction and decided to register your own investment fund in Switzerland, then the minimum share capital will be 50,000 CHF (51,000 USD).

Important notes

Switzerland is extremely loyal to international business. National standards here fade into the background after international ones.

Funds registered in Switzerland have unique rights regarding legal proceedings, in particular they have the opportunity to use Swiss courts – some of the most credible in the world.

Legal support

So, if you are ready to set up a private investment fund in Switzerland, experienced IQD Consulting lawyers will provide you with professional assistance in overcoming all the obstacles. If the time is bearing down on you, we can also help you to buy an existing investment fund in Switzerland.

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