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How to register an ICO fund in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a state, that is partially located in Europe, and partially on the islands of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba. The Netherlands (together with three more countries) are a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. A state is often called Holland, which is basically wrong, because Holland is only a part of the Netherlands. Benefits of registering a company in the Netherlands:

  • It is a member of the EU;
  • A politically and economically stable country;
  • No exchange control;
  • No requirements for a minimum size of fund assets;
  • Agreements with other states on the avoidance of double taxation;
  • It is possible to register a Stichting fund in the Netherlands for an ICO.

A most suitable structure here would be the Dutch fund (Stichting), which is an independent enterprise suitable for crypto business in the Netherlands.

A general information about Dutch funds (Stichting)

If you want to register a Dutch fund for an ICO, you should know, that such a fund is a Dutch legal entity with a limited liability without a share capital.

If you decide to register a Stichting fund in the Netherlands for an ICO, it will meet the definition of a “blockchain”, as it provides anonymity to its owners. In addition, you can not receive a tax number, do not fill out annual reports and easily withdraw funds from the fund in various ways. A dividend income tax was canceled in 2019, which makes a company even more attractive at the moment.

Entrepreneurs, who want to register a Dutch holding fund, will not pay a corporate income tax or a VAT.

Clients, who want to establish a Stichting fund in the Netherlands for an ICO can take advantage of the professional help of IQD Consulting lawyers.

Thus, planning to register a Stichting fund and use it only for the ownership and protection of assets, remember: it will be completely tax-exempt.

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A resulting income is taxed on a common basis:
  • a corporate tax is 20-25%;
  • a VAT is 21%;
  • a one-time duty at registration is 100 EUR. The annual state duty is 100 EUR;
  • if you are interested in the information and you want to register a Stichting fund in the Netherlands for an ICO, then our company is ready to quickly solve this problem;
  • a duration of registration is approximately 1,5 months;
  • a term of the fund has no restrictions;
  • you need a state registration;
  • there are no minimum capital requirements;
  • you cannot transfer a fund to another jurisdiction;
  • no minimum capital required.
If you decide to register a fund in the Netherlands for an ICO, then the following information will be publicly available:
  1. A name of the fund.
  2. Data of the founder (this can be any legal entity or individual, min. 1).
  3. A purpose of the establishment.
  4. The information about the managers.
  5. A company address.
Conducting crypto activities in the Netherlands

From the beginning, this form of activity in the Netherlands was created for charitable and non-commercial purposes. But now, businessmen, who decided to register a Stichting fund for an ICO in the Netherlands and open an account in the Netherlands are increasingly using them to protect assets. A fund without active business activities is not taxed.

This is a complex and necessary tool for optimizing entrepreneurial business, which experienced IQD Consulting specialists will help to deal with.

In addition, there is a real opportunity to register a crypto exchange in the Netherlands. Want to know more? Call us at the contacts, indicated on the site.

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  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.
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