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Registering an ICO in Malta in 2020

Malta is a part of Europe and the European Union, so registering a company in Malta is beneficial for business. Not so long ago, it became known, that since March 2018, Malta plans to legalize a work with Bitcoin. And, according to IQD Consulting specialists, it is worth considering the possibility of registering a company for ICO in Malta.

To set up an ICO enterprise in Malta, you must:
  • Provide three names for your future company;
  • Prepare and submit the Charter and the Memorandum;
  • Contact Malta Financial Services Authority;
  • Pay taxes to MFSA;
  • Register shareholders and directors;
  • Pay notary fees;
  • Pay registration fees.
You should note, that:
  • By law, every Maltese company must appoint a secretary and director of a local company.
  • The director can be a legal entity or an individual, the company secretary must be an individual.
  • The director and secretary can be the same person.
  • To open an ICO in Malta, it is not necessary to have a physical presence in Malta both at the registration stage and throughout the year.
  • You can register a company in Malta only with a registered local address.
  • It is possible to apply for a VAT number.
  • Each company must annually prepare a tax return and submit it electronically, even if it is not engaged in trading activities, and profits are not taxable.

If a company makes a profit and pays a tax, it may apply for a refund in order to claim the tax refund (a refund of 35% of the tax gives the possibility to refund the tax in the amount of 30%, remains a tax of 5%).

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After registering a Maltese ICO company, we can provide the assistance in accounting services. Similarly, the assistance in any subsequent legal matters after registering the company in Malta may be provided by our lawyers

Each company in Malta is subject to a mandatory verification. The audit should be conducted within 18 months after the end of the accounting year.

If you are interested in opening an ICO company in Malta, contact specialists of our company. IQD CONSULTING services for ICO projects include:

  • Competent assistance in selecting a suitable jurisdiction for the registration of a company for ICO;
  • Qualified assistance in obtaining a license for ICO;
  • Professional advice on opening a bank account for the implementation of the ICO project;
  • Advice on Blockchain technology.
  • IQD Consulting shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this website.
  • Please, consider contacting our experts for possible solutions for your business.
  • Still have questions? Please, fill out the form or contact us in whatever way you find best.

    Our experts will be happy to answer your questions.

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