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Legal support of ICO projects

ICO (Initial coin offering) is the primary offer/placement of coins (cryptocurrencies) or tokens.

This is one of the forms of crowdfunding used to attract financing. In the process of creating an ICO project, investors are proposed to buy a certain number of units of virtual currencies obtained through a one-time or accelerated issuing.

In order to minimize the cost of preparing a company for ICO, we recommend that you receive personal advice on launching an ICO project from IQ Decision specialists.

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IQ Decision Services

Those who are planning to create their own cryptocurrency or issue a token on the blockchain platform, we propose to familiarize themselves with the following stages of preparation for ICO:

  1. Analysis of the proposed project and selection of the type of token;
  2. Assistance in choosing the appropriate jurisdiction;
  3. Legal basis for the implementation of ICO;
  4. Creation of corporate documentation to launch the project, including Roadmap and White Paper;
  5. Creation of the most appropriate legal construction of the token;
  6. Preparation of documentation for the issue of the token;
  7. Creation and adaptation of software.

Entrepreneurs, who are interested in preparing a business for an ICO will also be able to take advantage of a wide range of services, including:

  • Advice from an IT-expert regarding the use of appropriate technologies in ICOs;
  • Legal aid in opening an account;
  • Corporate entity registration while preparing a company for an ICO implementation;
  • Obtaining a license for cryptocurrency activities;
  • Opening a merchant account;
  • Obtaining IP rights (software);
  • AML/KYC Compliance;
  • Assistance in search engine optimization (SEO).

Those who have decided to launch an ICO project, we propose to ask for individual advice on the issues of preparing a business for an ICO from IQ Decision specialists.

Also, our experts are ready to provide you with legal support in conducting ICOs in the country of your choice.

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