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Legal Services

Obtaining an EORI number for a local company in the UK

Owners of an existing business, as well as those who want to register a company in the UK and open a bank account in England, can now quickly and easily obtain an EORI number in the UK by asking for l

calendar 10.03.2020

An international dispute resolution

If you are concerned about issues, that cannot be resolved without litigation, IQD Consulting lawyers provide a legal support in risk analysis, assistance in finding constructive solutions to resolve

calendar 28.12.2019


Registering a corporate enterprise can be a difficult process, both in the country where you live and abroad. IQD Consulting is a leading global expert in the establishment of companies abroad. Our te

calendar 28.12.2019

Corporate services

The diversity of the business environment in the modern world opens up many opportunities for the introduction of new, promising ideas for its further development. But, very often controversial sit

calendar 28.12.2019

International negotiations

Conducting international negotiations is the first step towards an effective peaceful settlement of financial disputes (dispute management/resolution). Doing business is a matter that requires grea

calendar 28.12.2019

AML & KYC Compliance

The principles of AML & KYC are similar concepts, the main goal of which is to ensure security of conducting financial activities. AML and KYC's policy is to eliminate anonymity in the proc

calendar 28.12.2019

An international commercial arbitration

An international commercial arbitration is a process, that is considered one of the effective options for alternative dispute resolution (ARS). Its main feature is that the consideration of the disput

calendar 26.12.2019

International commercial law

A commercial law regulation is one of the most important aspects in the process of forming and scaling a business. Currently, your correct understanding and application of the commercial law is an imp

calendar 26.12.2019

A registration of ships and yachts

Registering a ship or yacht is a process, that requires the attention and a proper preparation. The first thing to do to register a ship or yacht in any jurisdiction is to choose the“appropriate

calendar 26.12.2019

Real estate deals

If you need recommendations on buying a property abroad, we recommend you to familiarize yourself with this material. Thoughts about buying a property abroad are visited those, who plans: t

calendar 26.12.2019

SWIFT system and IBAN registration

Many entrepreneurs who want to start a business abroad, in particular, to open a banking institution, seek to connect to the SWIFT system which will provide their customers with more favorable conditi

calendar 12.06.2019

A trademark registration

A trademark is an easily recognizable sign, design or phrase, that identifies products or services of one manufacturer from others. A trademark registration is required so, that the consumer clearly u

calendar 09.12.2018