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Registering a corporate enterprise can be a difficult process, both in the country where you live and abroad. IQ Decision is a leading global expert in the establishment of companies abroad. Our team provides a comprehensive package of company incorporation services. Our lawyers are experienced experts in mergers and acquisitions over 83 states.

A difficulty of establishing a legal enterprise can vary widely across countries, states, provinces. Each of them has a sequence of actions characteristic of them, a bureaucracy and generally binding procedures, that determine deadlines for registering commercial organizations abroad, how quickly the company can legally start a business.

In particular, the form of the organization may not meet its objectives in accordance with local laws, the deadlines for obtaining tax numbers may be too long, local authorities may require that application forms be written by hand and submitted in person. Therefore, our work system consists in an individual approach to each client, where a legal consultation will help you to determine the most suitable jurisdiction specifically for your requests and requirements.

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IQ Decision lawyers regularly/directly contact with a local government in each country (in which we work), we are aware of all current changes to the smallest detail. We provide the service “Billing with a fixed commission and a single currency”, comply with international/local tax standards, which are behind the reliable Know Your Client (KYC) and anti-money laundering processes.

Services for setting up enterprises abroad are not the only ones, that we can offer for you. We also recommend you to consider:

  • A managing international organization: a compatibility of jurisdictions with a single point of coordination allocated by the service manager.
  • To get the international corporate report: public data about your firm in any country, that you have chosen to work.
  • To receive an activity report about an international legal entity: basic data about the company, namely registration data, a full name, the address of the registered office, questionnaires of directors/sharers, a share capital, a protocol verification, regulatory documents (including the presentation of financial statements).
  • A registered agent is a standardized global business service solution.
  • A registered office: acts as the official address of a previously established commercial company, another legal entity. IQ Decision can also offer to find the right physical locations for the office through our brokerage service, available worldwide.

Turning to IQ Decision lawyers, you will receive a full range of legal services for incorporating a legal entity abroad.

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  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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