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The diversity of the business environment in the modern world opens up many opportunities for the introduction of new, promising ideas for its further development.

But, very often controversial situations or difficulties may arise and be associated with the legislative acts of a particular jurisdiction, or depend on cultural values. Assistance in solving difficult business situations will be provided by certified legal advisers of IQ Decision, who know all the nuances of international law in great detail. Our qualified experts will help you in developing your business within the framework of the law.

Lawyers of IQ Decision constantly monitor current business trends, and will help you determine the jurisdiction for doing business. Also, we will provide you with legal support services at all stages of company registration in the state of your choice.

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IQ Decision corporate services:
  • Assistance in the choice of jurisdiction and business entity types;
  • Legal assistance services in company registration procedure;
  • Translation and document certification services;
  • Settlement of disputes with banks, insurance organizations, tax authorities, etc.;
  • Assistance in amending the AOA of firms;
  • Liquidation of legal entities;
  • Legal aid in buying existing enterprises;
  • Legal assistance services in opening a bank account and working with payment systems;
  • Support in obtaining licenses;
  • Legal advice services in investment operations;
  • Work with contracts;
  • International dispute resolution;
  • Registration, protection of land and other kinds of real estate;
  • Legal advice on sea and air transportation;
  • Protection of intellectual property, including inheritance rights;
  • Other services.

We always direct our knowledge, skills and experience to obtain the positive and most effective result that our clients expect. Our lawyers also provide “turnkey services”. For detailed information on individual questions, please contact our experts in any convenient way.

  • The information outlined in the article is actual at the time of its publication.

  • Please refer to our specialists for checking possible solutions for your business.

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