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International negotiations

Conducting international negotiations is the first step towards an effective peaceful settlement of financial disputes (dispute management/resolution).

Doing business is a matter that requires great responsibility, associated with complex and critical decision-making. Often, a particular decision becomes the cause of a conflict arising on the basis of finances between business partners, lenders or competitors.

Since the attempt to resolve a financial dispute on their own often leads to an aggravation of the situation, many entrepreneurs seek legal assistance in alternative conflict resolution.

For those who are intended to settle the international dispute through negotiations, we recommend asking for services of a qualified lawyer IQD Consulting.

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Those who are interested in using of alternative dispute resolution methods in Europe or Asia can familiarize themselves with the key services offered as a part of international business negotiations:

  1. Conducting an in-depth analysis of the current situation;
  2. Analysis of the drawn up contracts from a financial and legal point of view;
  3. Enforcement of decisions taken;
  4. Legal support and representation of interests of the client in the course of pre-trial proceedings.

Additionally, the process of dispute resolution by negotiations includes:

  • Prompt monitoring of information;
  • Complete confidentiality of the procedure;
  • Prompt audit of business activities (legal support).

Since the financial legislation of any country is subject to frequent changes, the timely obtaining of legal assistance in settling international disputes through negotiations can play a key role in protection of your business.

For more detailed information on this topic, we offer you to request for personal advice on peaceful settlement of financial conflicts from IQD Consulting specialists.

Also, we are ready to provide you with legal support in business negotiation process in the jurisdiction of your choice.

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