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Obtaining a license

Budgetary decisions to obtain cryptocurrency exchange licenses in 2020: a review

The popularity of the crypto industry is growing rapidly. Every year, crypto activity attracts an increasing number of entrepreneurs. One of the most common options for doing business, related to the

calendar 04.05.2020

Blockchain technology regulation and obtaining a blockchain license in Gibraltar in 2020

In January 2018, the Legislature of Gibraltar for the first time implemented the Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) framework, known as blockchain. The new regulations were designed by industry experts a

calendar 06.04.2020

A gambling license in Georgia (SIZ, Kutaisi)

For some, gambling is an opportunity to win money, for others it is the entertainment or relaxation while visiting casinos or clubs. Today, Georgia provides interested entrepreneurs with the opportuni

calendar 03.04.2020

Why the gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda is attractive?

Obtaining a gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda is possible since 1994. This jurisdiction was one of the first to provide such licenses, including for gambling sites in the United States and other

calendar 01.04.2020

Obtaining a license for acquiring services in Europe

Consumers are increasingly making online payments, and many merchants believe they save time by accepting secure online payments. Moreover, approximately 46% of TSYS respondents preferred to receive e

calendar 29.02.2020

Obtaining licenses

When planning to start own business and having already decided on jurisdiction, remember, that to conduct business you will need to obtain a license/permit. The type of license depends on the type of

calendar 27.12.2019

Obtaining a business license

Obtaining a business license is mandatory if you are planning to start an activity that requires prior permission of the authorities. Accordingly, a license is a document of the established form th

calendar 01.08.2019

How to obtain a gambling license on the Isle of Man

Registering a company for gambling, as well as obtaining a gambling license on the Isle of Man will be an excellent solution for opening an international business in 2020. The Isle of Man is locate

calendar 12.04.2019

A Forex license in the Seychelles

Seychelles is a jurisdiction, that attracts the attention of entrepreneurs, who wish to order a Seychelles Forex license. Local authorities signed the "Securities Law", which gives dealers t

calendar 10.04.2019

The best deal for obtaining a Forex license in Vanuatu

In order to maintain and develop the economy, the country's government seeks to create most favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are seeking

calendar 05.04.2019

Rules for obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica

You can obtain a Costa Rican gambling license according to a local law, that states, that the online gambling is permitted and regulated by the Gambling Act. Therefore, if you plan to establish a Cost

calendar 01.03.2019

A rating of jurisdictions for obtaining Forex license 2020

Anyone, who is going to obtain a Forex broker license, knows, a world of trade is becoming more busy every day, but, at the same time, this business area is still popular with both investors and entre

calendar 01.03.2019

Obtaining a gambling license in GibraltarObtaining a gambling license in Gibraltar

Gibraltar authorities issue licenses to a limited number of applicants. They are reluctant to issue licenses to new companies. Obtaining a gambling license in Gibraltar is quite difficult. Application

calendar 15.02.2019

Obtaining a gambling license in Curacao

It is no secret, that requirements of gambling commissions can be burdensome, expensive, including Curacao. To ensure, requirements for an Internet license are not too high, carefully study all condit

calendar 14.02.2019

A Forex license - Cyprus

Cyprus is a convenient state for starting an entrepreneurship. A distinctive feature of this jurisdiction is obtaining Cyprus brokerage licenses. This region boasts many specialized financial organiza

calendar 15.01.2019

Singapore ICO license in 2020

Cryptocurrencies on the exchange take up more space. Over the past 3 years, Singapore's ICO primary coin market has been steadily rising. More and more customers are contacting us, who want to reg

calendar 14.01.2019

Obtaining a license for online gambling

It is unlikely, that there is any other area in the field of online casinos, as important as licensing the operator. An online casino license is not just a piece of paper, that you can buy anywhere on

calendar 09.01.2019

Obtaining a license for brokerage in Bulgaria: a review and answers to key questions

There was a time, when only firms with an unlimited budget had the opportunity to obtain a license for brokerage in venerable jurisdictions (for example, the EU, USA, Canada, etc.). But in the modern

calendar 29.12.2018

Electronic Money Institution: How to obtain an EMI license?

Electronic Money Institution (EMI) is a type of financial institution, that is authorized to issue electronic money in accordance with the 2011 European Union (Electronic Money) Rules as amended (EMR)

calendar 22.12.2018

ICO license in Singapore: what you need to know

Singapore considers cryptocurrency transactions legal. For this reason, obtaining a cryptographic license in Singapore or obtaining an ICO license in Singapore seems to be a profitable solution. If yo

calendar 11.12.2018