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A fast and inexpensive Forex license in 2020

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Today we will talk about the most profitable and promising option for obtaining a Forex license. On our website in the section “Licenses” there are many good offers on jurisdictions, in which you can register a company under Forex, but, among all others, a state like Vanuatu stands out. Why is applying for a Forex license in Vanuatu better and more interesting?

Vanuatu - A tax haven

Vanuatu is an island republic, located in the Pacific Ocean. The state economy is developing dynamically due to tourism, agriculture, industry, interestingly, fintech.

This country creates excellent conditions for doing business. Foreign investors have long noticed jurisdictions with a favorable tax climate. If you are a broker and want to obtain a license for Forex in Vanuatu, then contact our company and using services of experienced lawyers.

Benefits of obtaining a Forex license in Vanuatu

Those, who wish to receive support in registering a company in Vanuatu or ask for advice in obtaining a Vanuatu brokerage license, also receive the following benefits after passing all the above processes:

  • The speed of clearance.

In about 4-6 weeks you will be able to legally and officially provide brokerage services. We will help you to complete the entire registration procedure promptly and efficiently, thanks to the established contacts, that exist in this and other jurisdictions.

  • Low prices.

Entrepreneurs, who want to register a company in Vanuatu and to obtain a Vanuatu Forex license should know, that state authorities are interested in attracting foreign capital and, therefore, it is possible to arrange for Forex activities cheaply. The authorized capital for obtaining a license in Vanuatu is $48,000. This is the lowest rate worldwide.

  • A revenue growth due to new customers.

Having established this type of business, it is possible to carry out various forex operations without problems and significantly increase the number of its clients, because brokerage companies, that decided to obtain a Forex license in Vanuatu, have a high confidence rating than those, that do not have such a license.

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Our assistance in obtaining a Forex license in Vanuatu remotely

Another plus is that you can register a company under Forex in Vanuatu remotely! Employees of our company know more details. In addition, we will assist in opening an account for a company in Vanuatu.

What is needed to set up a business?

In order to obtain a brokerage license in Vanuatu, it is necessary to register a company in this jurisdiction. After receiving a package of registration, Charter documents for the company, it is necessary to prepare:

  • a document, that will confirm the identity of the beneficiary;
  • a document, that will confirm the place of residence of the beneficiary;
  • a document, that will indicate the absence of a criminal record of the beneficiary;
  • the business plan.

The speed of obtaining the required certificate depends on the correctly compiled package of documents, as well as on the correctness of translation and execution. We will assist in preparing the set of documents for a company registration correctly and provide accompanying services at all stages.

Businessmen, who want to obtain a Forex license in Vanuatu, should renew it annually. This is a mandatory and uncomplicated procedure.

A price of Vanuatu license

If you want to find out how much it costs to register a company in Vanuatu under Forex and to open a real Forex account, you can easily get answers to all these questions by contacting our company at the contacts listed on the website or by making an appointment with an IQ Decision representative.

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