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Why the gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda is attractive?

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Licenses | Antigua and Barbuda

Obtaining a gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda is possible since 1994. This jurisdiction was one of the first to provide such licenses, including for gambling sites in the United States and other countries. Any operator must undergo data verification and an independent audit of their gambling systems and finances. If approved, the operator is granted an annual license, which is renewed on an annual basis.

Licensing and other fees of the Regulator

Operators, who are interested in registering licenses for online casinos in Antigua and Barbuda, should bear in mind, that such mandatory fees exist here:

  • A registration fee: $15,000;
  • A gambling permissions: $100,000;
  • A bets license: $75,000;
  • An annual renewal fee: $5,000;
  • A license for key officials: $1,000.
An application review process

As a part of the consideration of information, received from the applicant, the Regulator's Commission carries out the necessary Due Diligence (in the framework of a non-refundable contribution of $15 thousand). This fee is also used to pay necessary costs. Within 2 months after the submission of all documents, the commission approves/rejects or requests an additional information or the additional fees, that are necessary for an in-depth evaluation.

Warranties for the Regulator

FSRC focuses on several regulations simultaneously. Thus, to obtain a gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda, you will need to take into account all requirements of AML (anti-laundering policies of the relevant Law of 1996), CFATF (a target group of the Caribbean countries on AML policies), IGIWR (interactive games and betting policies).

Registering a gambling in Antigua and Barbuda requires an amount of more than $100,000 as a guarantee of securing payment obligations for players. This amount is paid to the special account of the commission, and is returned after the license is withdrawn with payment of all winnings.

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Key faces:
  • Directors and other persons, performing managerial functions for operations of the issued license;
  • The controlling person or having the ability to significantly the influence operations of the license;
  • Managers and controllers of persons, performing a monetary, an operational, other mandatory control under licenses;
  • IT director and employees in positions with access to information security components.
  • Providers of customer service and key license services.

Key persons, identified by the above criteria, must necessarily receive a “Key Person License” (KPL) as the requirements of IGIWR. A state fee for KPL is 1000 USD. If the Commission considers, that any other person falls under the above descriptions, this person will also be required to receive KPL.

A registration and license renewal

In order to register a license for an online casino in Antigua and Barbuda or to register a license for bets or other types of gambling businesses in Antigua and Barbuda, the following investments will be required:

  • 15 000 USD is a non-refundable commission (can be increased by the Regulator in a case of complex company structures, the need for additional legal Due Diligence);
  • 100 000 or 75 000 USD is an annual license fee for permission for gambling and for bets, respectively;
  • 100 000 USD is a one-time deposit as the amount of security for license obligations.
  • 1000 USD is a fee for each “key person”.
  • 5000 USD is the fee for an application for renewal of a license (starting from 2 years).

Order personal gambling permissions in Antigua and Barbuda with the help of qualified IQD Consulting specialists.

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