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Obtaining a license for online gambling

It is unlikely, that there is any other area in the field of online casinos, as important as licensing the operator. An online casino license is not just a piece of paper, that you can buy anywhere on the corner of the street. It allows you to avoid difficulties with the law, helps to gain the trust of players. It contains many rules, that the operator must follow (without fail) in order to be able to renew this permission, since it is issued only for a few years. For a player, gambling licenses are one of the most important features, that distinguish dubious and reputable online casinos. Licenses of different countries and their regulators differ in some respects, but there is a common feature between them, which is designed to ensure the safety of games in online casinos.

What does the concept of “gambling permission” mean?

A license for gambling is a document, issued by the regulatory body for any type of game, including online games. Rules for obtaining such licenses usually vary from country to country.

Extradition rules

The Gambling Control Council has created a set of rules, that determine conditions for doing business in another country by organizations, licensed in their jurisdiction. To obtain a license for an online casino, you must go through the registration process, which implies a number of requirements, that are mandatory for all participants in the enterprise.

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Licensing requirements

Requirements for organizations, wishing to start a gambling business in a certain jurisdiction:

  • A compliance with standards of honesty and decency.
  • A disclosure of detailed financial and organizational information about a gambling establishment, its owners, partners.
  • Providing a labor information about certain persons of the enterprise.

Requirements, that must be met to obtain a license for gambling, are comparable to standards for financial institutions and insurance companies. The purpose of such strict requirements is to identify persons, who are involved in criminal acts, persons, who do not have the necessary experience, and their subsequent prevention from conducting such activities.

How to issue a gambling license?

IQD Consulting lawyers are ready to advise clients in detail on the subject of this article, provide legal support in registering a company for an online casino, and, also, accompany a client at each stage of obtaining a gaming license.

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