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A gambling license in Georgia (SIZ, Kutaisi)

For some, gambling is an opportunity to win money, for others it is the entertainment or relaxation while visiting casinos or clubs. Today, Georgia provides interested entrepreneurs with the opportunity to register a Georgian company for gambling, to obtain a license for gambling in Georgia, since this industry makes a significant contribution to the state, the treasury and the development of tourism.

Casinos are the most popular form of gambling establishments, online casinos are the area of ​​the gambling business, that works with clients from a distance, in most cases, via the Internet. Such a casino does not require the presence of a large hall, the presence of personnel and other elements, involving large capital, however, for comfortable work and offering its services in various jurisdictions, a license from a respected regulator will be required.

An offer from IQD Consulting

IQD Consulting company offers to obtain a license for gambling in Georgia. SIZ or FIZ is a Free Industrial Zone located in the city of Kutaisi. Setting up a company for gambling in Kutaisi, SIZ is advantageous in that it is subject to a special legal regime, which, in comparison with the standard regime, compares favorably from a legal, financial and commercial point of view.

The main difference between SIZ is that the business is conducted in favorable conditions, conducive to the development of the company due to the sparing tax and customs burden. After the registration, the company has the opportunity to obtain a gambling license in Kutaisi and conduct business, using all tax benefits and other benefits.

Registering a gambling company in Kutaisi is recommended for working with large turnover, and can conduct international business by providing services outside of Georgia, since it is possible to access foreign bank accounts and merchant accounts (a credit card processing, IBAN, SWIFT transfers, etc.). If services are not provided to Georgian citizens, a company, registered in the SIZ, can conduct activities without the permission of the National Bank of Georgia.

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Obtaining a gambling license in Kutaisi allows you to place a special license number on your gambling site, thereby increasing the level of a gambling establishment and gaining trust in the eyes of your customers.

Main characteristics and features of registering a gambling company in the SIZ of Georgia
  • Lack of a corporate tax, a VAT, a dividend and a property tax;
  • Lack of a quarterly and annual reporting;
  • A gaming license is provided for all online gambling games;
  • A flexible financing through bank accounts; there is also the access to payment systems;
  • There are no requirements for a paid-in capital and business recommendations;
  • No requirements for the office and a staff;
  • At least one director is required;
  • A nominal service allowed.

The establishment of a gambling company in SIZ, Kutaisi

To open an enterprise for gambling in SIZ and to apply for a license in Kutaisi, you will need to prepare such following documents:
  • A notarized copy of the passport with an apostille;
  • A bank reference to confirm the address;

If you decide to use a nominee service, then just scan the passport for the first item.

The total cost of services, which includes: a registration of a firm in Kutaisi SIZ, obtaining a gambling license in Kutaisi, opening a corporate account in a Georgian bank, - is € 19900. Duration of the work is about 4 weeks. Nominee services (a director/founder) is € 10,000 per year (the second year and subsequent years will cost € 3500-3800 per year).

IQD Consulting experts will be happy to answer your questions and suggest the best solution, individually for each particular case. For more information, please, contact the following contacts.

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