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Rules for obtaining a gambling license in Costa Rica

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You can obtain a Costa Rican gambling license according to a local law, that states, that the online gambling is permitted and regulated by the Gambling Act. Therefore, if you plan to establish a Costa Rican enterprise for gambling, then this jurisdiction is an excellent choice for you.

This jurisdiction is primarily interesting, because it is a politically and economically stable state, which provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to open a bank account for a company in any other country. If your business operates outside of Costa Rica, then you are exempt from tax duties in this jurisdiction.

Gambling permits in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has attracted the attention of many major global gaming companies due to the opportunity to obtain a Costa Rican online gambling license for startups (also known as a data processing license). This type of license has a low cost, compared to other types of gambling permissions.

The application review process, on average, takes 3 months. A cost of obtaining a Costa Rican license is $15 thousand.

A legal assistance in applying for a Costa Rica license

There are only 3 steps, that precede the start of the online casino:
  • Step 1. Registering a gambling enterprise in Costa Rica
  • the office should be located within the country;
  • at least 2 founders;
  • an authorized capital is from $100 thousand;
  • Step 2: Opening bank accounts in any country.
  • Step 3: Applying for a Costa Rican gambling license. The list of basic documents includes:
  • Founders profiles;
  • Photocopies of the Charter, passports of the founders;
  • A detailed commercial plan;
  • A Certificate of registration;
  • Other papers.

Given all the above, before issuing a gambling license in Costa Rica, you should enlist the support of reliable people. IQ Decision lawyers are ready to accompany the client at all stages of obtaining a gaming license in Costa Rica.

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