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What is an Internet acquiring?

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Connection of the processing of Internet payments

Key benefits of connecting a company website to processing:

  • An effective way to optimize payment processes;
  • It is possible to choose both a local and an international provider of processing services;
  • A wide choice of payment instruments;
  • Availability of 3 types of relevant licenses;
  • A relatively fast process for preparing documents.
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Today, in most developed countries of EU and in the USA, the vast majority (over 90%) of banking services users practice the so-called "cashless payments". In post-Soviet countries, this figure is much lower, because in most cases we are still using cash.

According to IQ Decision experts assess, the number of transactions made by using Internet banking is increasing rapidly, and over the next 5 years can be of 99%. Thus, an acquiring agreement will be concluded by an increasing number of trading companies, Internet sites and similar commercial organizations.

In this article we will consider the main advantages of connecting a web-site to processing and opening an acquiring account.

What is an Internet acquiring?

In short, Internet acquiring is the acquisition of goods and services through electronic payments, that can be also called like connection of the processing of Internet payments. It also includes acquiring payment cards. The acquiring bank, therefore, is the bank providing services in the course of trading operations.

If you want to open an acquiring account, IQ Decision experts are ready to propose you more than 30 partner banks and provide all possible support for such a process as the organization of electronic payments.

By the way, it is possible to set up a processing account with several currencies at once and called multicurrency acquiring. The price of our company’s services is quite acceptable and depends on which bank you choose in order to connect acquiring. Bank tariffs, of course, can be slightly different, but in general, the cost of acquiring is quite reasonable.

Merchant account and high risk merchant

IQ Decision can help your online trading organization to set up a merchant account. We also work with high risk merchant and will help you to arrange acquiring.

High risk merchant does not provide direct contact between the seller and the buyer. The acquiring process itself is simple and convenient to show on the example of an online store when a client of your company orders a product, agrees with its payment and clicks on the corresponding button, entering its details. Funds are transferred through secure channels to the merchant account of the company, and then to the settlement account.

If you decide to use the services of IQ Decision, then you will have an opportunity to open a processing account without a fee, and the period for transferring funds from a merchant account to a settlement account will be as short as possible.

The processing company IQ Decision will not only help you to choose an acquiring bank and to connect the website of your company to processing, but also provide you with an ongoing consulting support. Under certain conditions, setting up of an acquiring account is also possible without opening a settlement account.

Acquiring schemes:
  • B2B (business-to-business) when one company trades with another;
  • B2C (business-to-consumer), when a company trades directly with an individual client (traditional online store);
  • C2C (consumer-to-consumer) – this is how, for example, an online auction works.

If you decide to order acquiring in IQ Decision, then you will be able to use the main advantages of E-Commerce:

  • The increase of sales volumes;
  • The increase of the percentage of more expensive purchases (these are statistics);
  • The inability to use counterfeit money;
  • The ability to use a number of benefits from an acquiring bank.
How to set up an acquiring account?

Today, the most popular options are: to open a processing account for Forex or cryptocurrency activities and to connect acquiring for online store.

We will help you to connect the processing of electronic payments. In order to arrange acquiring online promptly, you will need to conclude an agreement with the acquiring company IQ Decision.

Acquiring from IQ Decision is a turnkey solution.

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