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Connection of the processing of Internet payments

Key benefits of connecting a company website to processing:

  • An effective way to optimize payment processes;
  • It is possible to choose both a local and an international provider of processing services;
  • A wide choice of payment instruments;
  • Availability of 3 types of relevant licenses;
  • A relatively fast process for preparing documents.
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Briefly describe the essence of processing, this business activity consists of several areas:

  • the online wallet;
  • card and alternative payments;
  • P2P funds transfer;
  • the execution of instant transactions;
  • the integration of a customer business with prepaid cards;
  • a system, that allows a billing for payment.

Separately, it is necessary to note the API (the input or withdrawal of funds, transfers and a receipt of payments, the history of transactions, etc.).

Of course, an important part of processing is a protection against all types of fraud

A processing company may offer one or more types of processing. Lawyers of IQD Consulting provide the service “processing of electronic payments”, which you can leave with the current mechanism of payments, made on-line. This way some online stores, paid sites, Internet TV, etc. work.

The buyer of each of these stores first adds his chosen purchase to the virtual basket, then explores delivery options and, at the end, pays for the goods by clicking on the appropriate button. This happens under the condition, that the trading platform, found by him, has an agreement concluded with the processing operator. In this case, the buyer enters coordinates of his electronic wallet or bank card, and that’s all - the purchase is completed.

What are the stages of online payment next? The read information is transmitted to the processing center via secure communication channels. This is a kind of electronic system, that closes settlements with a bank, that has registered an existing customer account, an acquirer bank and already directly with the store. By the way, the acquiring bank is an authorized bank (a member of the payment system), conducting the first stage of transaction processing and performs the entirety of transactions with payment cards of sellers, respectively registered with this bank.

Our company provides processing services (the processing of information received in the process of payment transactions).

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Accordingly, the processing company, in this case, is the provider responsible for all stages of receiving payments on the website of its client.

In order to integrate payment systems, that the owner liked on his site, an experienced online seller will look for a processing company to link all modern payment methods - from electronic currency to bank cards to his site.

From the specialists of our company you can get a help in concluding a contract with a processing company by indicating the whole range of services.

IQD Consulting provides a high exceptional level of comfort in the field of online payment for goods and services for its customers.

For example, a customer may require a tracking of information about a payment’s progress at a given time. Sometimes it’s important for the client to look at the statistics of payments or sales, and sometimes to create a corresponding “black list”, in which he enters credit card numbers or IP addresses of unreliable customers. Quite often, customers are asked to provide for the possibility of canceling the payment and warn the buyer about the time limit, for which he can change his mind to make a purchase.

Our experts will organize for you a modern innovative service of absolutely safe transactions and provide a payment service, as well as arrange the connection of the payment system to the site.

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