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Gambling in Australia

Gambling is quite popular in Australia, more than 80% of adult Australian residents use this type of entertainment (this is the highest rate in the world, every year a resident of Australia spends $1,6 thousand more, than residents of other countries). This is one of the first states where in 2001 (after the adoption of legislation) gambling activities began to pay attention.

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Just like in any other large civilized country, to obtain a license for a gambling business in Australia quite legally, but there are strict rules.

In fact, Australia has one of the most stringent codes of laws and regulations regarding gambling. The state government has developed sufficiently stringent rules and laws to protect the rights of its citizens and replenish the country's budget through taxes on gambling.

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The Interactive Gambling Act was passed by the Australian government in 2001. The law is aimed at online gambling operators, people’s winnings are not taxed, since this is not considered a professional activity, but rather a vacation, the entertainment. The government of the country interprets the gain not as profit, but as the player’s luck, because winning this time, next time, most likely, the player will lose. By issuing Australian licenses for online games, companies, based in Australia, can offer their services in other countries.

Taxes, levied on gambling operators, depend on the state of incorporation of the company. The income, that the state receives from gambling taxes, is about 15% of the budget.

Following taxes apply in the country:
  • A sales tax. This tax is imposed on such gambling games as: sweepstakes, a sale of lottery tickets, bookmaker activities, etc.
  • A tax on loss of a player. Such types of activities are taxed: a sports betting, the casino, a tote, etc.
  • The net income tax: levied on income, derived from the online poker, an investment tote.
  • License fees: casinos, lotteries, a betting, the lotto, etc.

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